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Pitkin County
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Pitkin County

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County Seat - Aspen Population - 14,872
Pitkin County was created in 1881 from part of Gunnison County.
1905 "Progressive Men of Western Colorado" Updated
Mar 2006
Judy Crook
Beck, Henry
Bennett, John G.
Bourg, Benedict
Bourg, Louis
Carroll, Miles
Chisholm, Daniel W.
Clark, Harold W.
Clark, Samuel B
Clark, Thomas O
Clark, Walter S
Cookman, Gideon
Copeland, William S
Crawley, John F
Croall, Norman G
Dirlan, Robert C.
Dwyer, Robert W
Dailey, Charles
Davis, Charles
Downing, James M.
Gavin, Horace
Gagnon, Thomas
Gerbaz, Jerry
Harrod, Joseph C.
Hook, William R.K.
Hughes, Dennis
Hurst, Wilfred L
Ikeler, Hiram B
Irving, P.F.
Jacobson , Jacob 
James, David S.
Kauble, John A
Koch, Harry G.
Light, Frederick
Lof, Dr. Anders J.O.
Lundgreen, John
McKenzie, Alexander
McLean, Donald
McPherson, Daniel C
Mulqueen, Andrew E
Naefe Frederick A.
Newman, Joseph D.
Parry, Joseph M.B.
Paxton, Livius C
Phillips, William D
Powell, Edwin
Robinson, Dr. Andrew J.
Rohrbough, George E
Ryan, Robert Michael
Sewell, Charles B.
Shaw, Robert
Shumate, Hon. John T.
Smith, True Albert A
Stapleton, Timothy C
Staats, Henry A.
Steinberg, Melvin S. 
Sterner, John D.
Steward, John Henry
Steward, John S.
Stringfield, Charles W
Tagert, William C.
Thatcher, Capt. George W.
Thomas, John L.
Tourtelotte, Henry
Twining, Dr. Warren Hugh
Watson, Samuel W.
Williams, John M.
Woodward, Henry E.
Young, George Ludington
Zaugg, William Oswald
WWI Draft Registration Cards
Pitkin Draft Registrations
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110 KB Feb 1998 Ray H. Banks
Icon indicates cemetery headstone photographs have been donated to the Colorado Tombstone Photo Project.
Aspen Grove Cemetery, Aspen      
Red Butte Cemetery, Aspen      
Ute Cemetery, Aspen 7 KB Jul 1998 Judy Crook
Ute Park Cemetery, Aspen      
1911 Edition Colorado Business Directory
Ashcroft   | EmmaGulchMeredithNastNorrieRedstoneSellarSnow MassThomasvilleWatson
  Nov 2004 Joy Fisher
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