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Mausoleum, Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

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Denver's Fairmount Cemetery was established in 1890.  It is located at 430 South Quebec Street about five miles from downtown Denver.  The mausoleum, pictured above, is but one of the beautiful and historic structures located here.  Another is the Ivy Chapel, constructed in 1890.  Among the special sections located within the cemetery is the one dedicated to the I. O. O. F. (International Order of Odd Fellows).  The citizens of Denver have been well represented in our country's wars -- World War I Memorial and World War II Memorial. Before the Ft Logan National Cemetery was established the military section of Fairmount was Colorado's usual military burial site.

The photographs in this portion of the archives were contributed by:
Lisa Albers (la)
Shelley D. Ambrosen (sda)
Gail Bice (gb)
James Bretz (jb)
Todd Bublitz (tb)
Marie Cook (mc)
Tom Cooper (tc)
Jim Davenport (jd)
Melba Deuprey (md)
Christopher Durall (cd)
Monica Eshelman (me)
Steve Gregory (sg)
Leona L. Gustafson (llg)
J. D. Howard (jdh)
Karen James (kj)
Harry Johnson (hj)
Cathy Johnston (cj)
B.J. Jorgensen (bj)
Mary Kinney (mk)
Steven M. Manley (smm)
Sharon Mayer (sm)
Mary Miller (mm)
Ruth Grace Moriarity (rgm)
Al & Donna Rothe (adr)
Rita Timm (rt)
Barbara Schmidt (bs)
Ginny Suelzie (gs)
Cindy Sullivan (cs)
Frances Totty (ft)
Nancy Trice  (nt)
Michael Wren (mw)
Lee Zion (lz)

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  • Bail, Nathan, Mar 7, 1896-May 26, 1915, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Baird, Robert A., 1874-1944 and Stella J., 1871-1958 [Sec. NE, Lot 80, Block 49] (la)
  • Baldridge, David H., 1857-1932, and Lucinda, 1867-1922, Neighbors of Woodcraft (jd)
  • Baldwin, Henry L., 1828-1910, and Anna E., 1835-1921 (rgm)
  • Barkhausen, Harry J., 1894-1972, Mason; and Ethel M., 1908-1977, Order of Eastern Star [Section W, Lot 345, Block 115] (la)
  • Barrows, J. Lawrence, July 1, 1857-Dec 22, 1905, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Barter, William R., July 11, 1858-June 5, 1904, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Bartholomea, Octavio, Nov 20, 1858-Mar 30, 1909, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Bastin, John C., Oct 20, 1858-June 26, 1916, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Bay, Geo. W., Mar 24, 1862-Nov 15, 1899, Woodmen of the World; and Elizabeth, Aug 13, 1868-Aug 3, 1953 (jd)
  • Beer, Bernard, 1850-1915; and Pauline K., Mar 3, 1862-Mar 24, 1908, Women of Woodcraft, (jd)
  • Bell, Cary E., Jan 28, 1862-Aug 12, 1903, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Benson, William Elmer, 1863-1903, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Berg, Ole, Mar 16, [18]74-July 2, [18]95 [Sec 145, Lot 60, Blk 14 (me)
  • Bettray, Frederick W., June 16, 1852-Mar 28, 1918, Woodmen of the World, and Lena B., Nov 26, 1862-Oct 4, 1930 (jd)
  • Bloomingkemper, Laurah K., 1872-1907, Women of Woodcraft (jd)
  • Bodine, Adolph, 1866-1931, Woodmen of the World; Selma, 1866-1960; Edward W., 1891-1893; Hazel E., 1896-1897; and Aletha M., 1894-1895 (jd)
  • Boham (Family Plot) (cj)
  • Bourgaize, Basil De Garis, Nov 30, 1880 in Guernsey Isl, England-Oct 15, 1903, Denver, CO; Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Bovard, Abner, Jan 4, 1878-July 28, 1905, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Brackney, Wm. C., Mar 28, 1859-Jan 12, 1902, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Bramley, Samuel W., May 16, 1869-Jan 31, 1903, Woodmen of the World [photo missing] (jd)
  • Bray, Lot Block 2, Lot 42, Section 6&8, West 1/2.
  • Brazee, Andrew W. 1826-1891, Maj 49th NY Inf [text] (md)  
  • Browne, Samuel E 1822-1902 and Mary E 1837-1905 [text] (md)  
  • Buell, Temple Hoyne 1896-1990 [text] (jb)
  • Burg, Charles O., July 14, 1860-Apr 11, 1902, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Burk, Frank N., 1851-1917, Woodmen of the World (jd)
  • Burnside, John L., 1864-1946 and Alice E[tta], 1865-1941 [Sec. E1/2, Block 71, Lot #16] (tc)
  • C




















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