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Custer County
Tombstone Photos

Ula Cemetery


Ula Cemetery is located at 2091 County Road 170 just North of Westcliffe.  Directions from Main Street/CO-69, Westcliffe: turn right onto N 3rd Street/CO-69 0.1 miles, N 3rd Street/CO-69 becomes CO-69 0.5 miles, turn slight left onto Pines Road 1.6 miles, Ula Cemetery is on the right side of the road.

There is a complete list of burials at

The photographs in this portion of the archives were contributed by:
Ann Koch Blair (akb)
Jim Davenport (jd)
Henryetta E. Elze (hee)
Roger Engelken (re)
Shirley Evans (se)
Ann Koch (ak)

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NOTE: A red, white, and blue stake at the grave site indecates a veteran burial whether or not the gravestone mentions military service.

(Click on the underlined name to download the tombstone photograph)

, Margaret, 1852 - 1931 and James, 1845 - 1929 (Neighbors of Woodcraft) (jd)

Fifth child of Wilhelm Christoph and Gesina Heisterberg

o                                            Mother [Gesina Mahnken], 1847-1922 (re)

§                                                         Wife of Wilhelm Christoph Heisterberg

o                                            William C. [William Christopher], 1880-1954 (re)

§                                                         Seventh child of Whilhelm Christoph and Gesina Heisterberg

·                     Hiltmann, Mary M., wife of J. H., 1847-1886 and George, 1880-1896 (se)

·                     Histerberg, C., CO B, GERMAN, REGT, MO HOME GUARDS (se)

·                     Howard

o                                Esther M., Dec 1, 1901-Feb 18, 1997 (se)

o                                Gladys E., daughter of E L & M, July 21, 1891-Juan 10, 1893 (se)

·                     Hugg

o                                Dora, 1899-1900 (se)

o                                Thomas, [hidden]-Aug 1967 (se)

o                                Viola G., Oct 7, 1903-May 29, 1988 (se)

·                     Hunt

o                                Albert C, 1912-1978 (hee)

o                                Geneva E. [Walters], 1892-1980 (hee)

§                                 Geneva E. Hunt was born 1/27/1892 in Westcliffe, Custer County, Colorado and died 12/24/1980 in Canon City, Fremont County, Colorado.  She has a historical cabin named after her at the base of the Conquistador ski area located in Custer County just outside of Westcliffe, Colorado.  Mrs. Hunt lived in the cabin until 1977 then went to a nursing home where she died in 1980.

o                                Maria R., wife of George M., died Sept 29, 1890, aged 34 years (hee)

o                                Ray A., 1935-1942 (hee)

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