Santa Clara County History

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Chapter IX The Leland Stanford, Junior, University 1893 9K Jan 2007 Joy Fisher


Full Text of History of Santa Clara County
by Eugene T. Sawyer (1922)
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Chapter I
Unrivaled Climate and Situation—Story of the Early Days—The Founding and Growth of the Missions—Founding of San Jose—Secularization of the Missions—Life on the Early Ranchos—Early Government—The First Americans—The Ill-Fated Donner Party
68K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter II
Santa Clara County During the Mexican Rule-The Adventures of Captain Fremont-Don Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo-Raising the Bear Flag-War With Mexico Declared-The Capture of San Jose-Reminiscences of the Strenuous Days of 1849-The Discovery of Gold-Killing of Young Pyle-Local Government-Grandma Bascom's Story
74K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter III
San Jose as the Capital of the State-Meeting of the First Legislature-The Removal to Vallejo-Land Grants and Suertes-A Trumped-up Robbery-Settlers' War-Fourth of July Celebration
45K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter IV
The Early Bar of San Jose-Alcalde Burton's Common Sense-The Eccentricities of Judge Redman-Strange Career of Rufus A. Lockwood- Irrepressible J. Alexander Yoell-Change in Court System
78K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter V
Topography and Geology-History of the New Almaden Mines-Crime in the Early Days-The Mineral Springs of Santa Clara County-The Oil Development
36K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter VI
Society Events in the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies-Reminiscences of Pioneer Women-Mrs. Carroll's Interesting Record-Charles G. Ames and Judge William T. Wallace-Presidential Visits
49K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter VII
Passing of the Old Landmarks of San Jose-The Fair Grounds, Live Oak Park and Prevost's Gardens-Stories of the Old Court House and the County Jail-Crimes and Tragedies of Those Days-Naglee, Hensley and Belden Residences
36K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter VIII
Newspapers in the Early Days-J. J. Owens' Sad Experience-Chas. M. Shortridge-E. A. and J. O. Hayes-W. Frank Stewart-Mark Twain's Lecture-The Rise of H. C. Hansbrough-Edwin Markham's Venture- Alex P. Murgotten-H. A. De Lacy-The Peril of Major Foote-Elliott the Adventurer-Kelly and the Grizzly
48K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter IX
Early Days of the Drama in San Jose—The First Theater—Stark's Disgust— Other Theaters and Interesting Reminiscences of Actors, Professional and Amateur—A Few of the Old-Time Minstrels
41K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter X
Distinguished Visitors to San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley—Bayard Taylor's Day Dream—Political Orators—George Francis Train—Henry George as a Detective—Bret Harte—Presidents Hayes and Harrison— The Ovation to General Grant—Beecher, Ingersoll and the Old-Time Orators—Gen. John C. Fremont—Ned Buntline
31K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XI
Santa Clara County During the Civil War—Many Companies Formed—Confederate Sympathizers Take to Robbery—The Fight on the New Almaden Road—Excitement Over the Death of Abraham Lincoln
15K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XII
The Fruit Industry of the County—The Largest Prune Producing Section in the State—History of the Development—Introduction of the French Prune—The First Fruit Cannery—The Vineyards and Olive Orchards— When Artesian Water Was First Obtained—Farm Loan Board—California Prune and Apricot Growers, Inc.—Some Interesting Statistics
55K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XIII
County Government and Good Roads—The Transportation Facilities of the Early Days—History of Various Important Road and Railway Enterprises—The Rise and Fall of Toll Roads—Early Modes of Transportation—First Telegraph Line
36K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XIV
The Public Buildings of the County—Many Locations of the County Court House—Changes Made by the Legislature—Futile Attempt to Regain the State Capital—The County Hospital and Almshouse
19K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XV
The Resources and Attractions of San Jose, the Garden Cty of California- Soil, Climate, Productions and Opportunity-What a Man From the East Learned From an Old Resident
33K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XVI
Additional Events in the History of San Jose-The Advent of Street Cars and Other Metropolitan Advantages-The Crimes of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties-A New Form of Government
69K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XVII
San Jose and Santa Clara Activities During the Great European War-Liberty Loan, Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., Belgian Relief and Other Noteworthy Drives-The Men and Women Who Did the Work
95K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XVIII
History of the Lick Observatory on the Summit of Mt. Hamilton-The Eccentricities of James Lick, the Philanthropist-What He Did for San Jose
43K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XIX
The Story of Alum Rock, San Jose's Beautiful Reservation of One Thousand Acres-Judge Richards' Description of Its Beauties and Attractions- The Claim of J. O. Stratton
19K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XX
The Attractions of the Big Basin, or California Redwood Park-How It Was Preserved by the Efforts of a San Josean-The Annual Forest Play in a Natural Setting
23K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXI
The Public and Private Schools of San Jose-The Growth of the High School-The State Normal School-College of Notre Dame-College of the Pacific-St. Joseph's School
54K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXII
The Public Utilities of San Jose-The Early Service of the Gas and Electric Companies-The San Jose Water Company and Its Sure and Steady Progress^-The Street Railways In and Out of the City-The Post Office
30K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXIII
The Clubs of San Jose's Men and Women-Daughters of the Revolution--The Carnegie Library and the Free County Library-The American Legion-The County Pioneers-Sainte Claire Club, etc.
64K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXIV
The Civic and Kindred Associations of San Jose-The Work of the Chamber of Commerce and Merchants' Association-One Hundred Per Cent Club and the Labor Organizations-Rotary and Civic Welfare Clubs
29K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXV
Charitable and Humanitarian Organizations of San Jose-The Good Cheer Club, County Charities, Home of Benevolence-Pratt Home, Salvation Army, Notre Dame Institute, and Young Men's Christian Association
51K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXVI
The Sanitariums and Hospitals of San Jose-The Splendid Appointments of the O'Connor Buildings-Columbia Hospital and the Santa Clara County Medical Society-Dr. Ben Cory
15K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXVII
The History of San Jose's Fire Department-Primitive Appurtenances of the Early Days-Volunteer Department for Twenty-six Years-The Police Department's Growth and Work
22K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXVIII
The Early Churches of San Jose and Their Vicissitudes-History of the San Jose Library-Its Growth from Small Beginnings-The County Free Library and Its Work
20K Mar 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXIX
The Santa Clara County Historical Society and Its Objects-Spanish Names for Natural Objects-The Interesting Career of Judge Augustus L. Rhodes, a Nonagenarian
21K Mar 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXX
The Banks and Industries of San Jose-An Incident in the Life of E. McLaughlin-New Corporations Help to Build Up the City-Some of the Leaders of Industry
37K Mar 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXXI
The Romantic History of the Town of Santa Clara-Home of One of the Early Missions-The Story of the Santa Clara University-The Planting of the Mission Cross
35K Mar 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXXII
Palo Alto and Leland Stanford Jr. University-The Rapid Growth of One of the Progressive Towns of Santa Clara County-The Location and Uses of a Great Educational Institution
27K Mar 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXXIII
Los Gatos, the Gem City of the Foothills and Its Lovely Environs-The Gateway of the Valley-Gilroy, the Thriving Little City at the Southern End of the County-Attractions and Advantages
25K Mar 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXXIV
Other Growing Towns in Santa Clara County-Change From Grain Field to Thriving Community-The Progress of the Towns in the Fruit Districts -Ambrose Bierce's Life-Tragic Adventure With a California Lion
60K Mar 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXXV
Miscellaneous Items of Interest-Observations of a Weather Expert-Judge Belden and Mayor Pfister-An Auto Camp-Result of Presidential Elections in the County
12K Mar 2007 Joy Fisher
Chapter XXXVI
13K Mar 2007 Joy Fisher

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