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San Luis Obispo County Obituaries

1991 Obituaries from San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune, submitted by Martha A Graham

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File Description Size Date Submitter
Aguiar , Mary Ann June 29 1991 3K Sep 2004 Peggy B. Perazzo
Balaam, George R. June 26, 1908 1KMay 2008 Steve Harrison
Bradley, John June 1, 1902 1KMay 2008 Steve Harrison
Bradley, Mary Velona (Van Buren) 1902 1KMay 2008 Steve Harrison
Davidson, Marjorie (Van Gorden) August 1, 1923 2K Jun 2008 Steve Harrison
Hannagan , Allen James January 26 2002 3K Oct 2004 Peggy B. Perazzo and Judith Hinton
Harrison , Janet Marlynn September 26 2002 2K Sep 2005 Peggy B. Perazzo
Hughes, Robert Lee 1934 2K Jul 2007 Janice Jordan
Truran, Donald January 1989 1K Dec 2007 April Hennes
Truran, Mary July 31, 2002 1K  Dec 2007 April Hennes
Van Gorden, George June 26, 1939 3K Jun 2007 Steve Harrison
Wimmer, Darrel Ira April 29, 1997  2K May 2007 Steve Harrison
York, Charles James July 18 2000 7K Oct 2004 Peggy B. Perazzo

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