Melrose Abbey Memorial Park

2303 S. Manchester Avenue
Anaheim, Orange Co., CA 92802
(714) 634-1981

Partial Transcription

BENNETT, Jody Allan 10/16/1961 8/2/1965
DURGAN, Margaret A. 1859 1935
GIBSON, Phyllis M. 1904 1979
KROUSE, Beatrice W. 1901 1992
KROUSE, Conrad A. 1897 1976
LINT, Claude H. 1888 1969
LINT, Zora L. 1891 1973
LONGO, Michael 1893 1957
LONGO, Sabina 1882 1964
MORATTA, Michael J. 1884 1955?
OESER, Ann Wilson 4/30/1932 5/1999
ONTJES, George 1900 1969
ONTJES, Lillian 1900 1961
PENDLETON, Hazel O. 1891 1934
PENDLETON, Roy L. 1891 1987
WOLFE, Howard T. 1941 2003
WOLFE, Waneta V. 1911 1966

Contributed to the CA Tombstone Transcription Project & CAGenWeb Archives by:
Glenn & Tracy Morrow, Norma Schumow and Peggy Hooper

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