Pioneer Cemetery, Calistoga, Napa County, CA
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Information gathered from the Bothe Napa Valley State Park.
Last First Birth Death Notes
Bartholomew Ora Leion Pratt 23 Nov 1875 15 Mar 1902 Ora was the daughter of a local farming family and in 1897 married Mitchell Orland Bartholomew.The couple had two children by the time of Oraís death from tuberculosis.
Campbell Frances Louisa Kellogg 9 Apr 1849 6 Jun 1866 Frances was the daughter of F.E. and Rebecca Jane Kellogg.She married her schoolteacher, Clinton Samuel Campbell, when she was sixteen and died less than a year after their wedding.
Cole Frederick ca Jun 1879 Frederick was the fourth child of William M. and Sarah Jane Cole.Unfortunately, beyond this nothing is known of Frederick Cole and possibly he died in childhood.
Cole Sarah Jane 21 Nov 1836 19 Feb 1916 Sarah was born in Illinois and emigrated wither husband William and their two children to California in 1874.The Cole family raised three more children in the Napa Valley
Cole William Milton 1836 1903 William was born in Kentucky and came to California with his family in 1874.He farmed land he rented from R.P. Tucker and is described as dark complexion with blue eyes and black hair.
Cutler Sarah Jane Cole 1882 23 Jan 1956 Sarah was the fifth and last child of William and Sarah Cole.She married George S. Cutler who was 27 years her senior.
Davis John McGee 1825 2 Feb 1887 Location of grave is unknown. John Davis was born in Tennessee and mined in San Joaquin County before moving to the Napa Valley.In 1857 he married Rachel Selby.Davis died while plowing new Teale Canyon.
Davis Louisa Sep 1860 Sep 1864 Location of grave is unknown. Louisa was probably the second child of Rachel and John Davis however nothing about her life remains in the historical record.
Davis Rachel Selby Nov 1839 1895 Location of grave is unknown. Rachel grew up in Illinois before coming to California with her family in 1856 or 1857.She married John McGee Davis in 1857.The couple farmed in this area where they raised five children.
Deering Emma Hopkins ca 1846 16 Jan 1872 Emma was born in Illinois and by 1860 her family was living in Napa County.In 1864 Emma married Richard Sanford Deering and the couple moved to the Pope valley.
Eauchus Addie 1857 1872 Addie came to California from Iowa with her family when she was ten years old.It is not known how she died.
Eauchus M. Elizabeth 1827 Jul 1869 Elizabeth immigrated to the Napa Valley with her husband William and five children in 1867.Here Elizabeth gave birth to two more children before succumbing to tuberculosis.
Faulkner T.J. ca Jan 1840 4 Jun 1869 Nothing remains in the historical record to tell about the life of T.J. Faulkner aside from a faded wooden headstone.Possibly Faulkner was a farm laborer in the area.
Foreman Mary Louisa Tucker 25 Jul 1860 8 Aug 1890 Mary was the second child of G.W. and A.E. Tucker.In 1889 she married Wilkes Foreman of Healdsburg and Mary succumbed to tuberculosis not long after their wedding.
Hall Jonathan T. ca Nov 1862 14 Jul 1869 Location of grave is unknown. Jonathan was the eldest child of Rowland and Mary Ann Hall, who met and married in San Diego county.Jonathan died from a fall from the back of a wagon.
Hoover Ida A. ca May 1869 7 Aug 1870 Idaís father, George, made his way to Calistoga in the mid 1850ís where he met and married Elizabeth Chelton.Ida died while still an infant, but her twin sister, Ada, survived to adulthood.
Kellogg Mary Ellen 15 Jun 1857 17 May 1859 Mary Ellen Kellogg was the last child of F.E. and Rebecca Jane Kellogg.She drowned in the mill pond of the Bale Grist Mill just one month shy of her second birthday.
Kellogg Rebecca Jane Williams 1 Jun 1821 16 Jun 1861 Rebecca was born in Illinois and married F.E. Kellogg in 1837.The family came overland to California in 1846.They farmed in the Napa Valley where Rebecca later died of heart disease.
Kellogg Rebecca Jane 8 May 1845 15 Mar 1859 Rebecca was born in Plum River, Illinois, the third child of F.E. and R.J. Kellogg, and crossed the plains as an infant in 1846.Rebecca died of typhoid fever after an illness of only five days.
Parker William W. 3 Aug 1829 5 May 1870 William Parker probably came to California looking for gold and only later settled down to farm in Solano County where he married.The family moved to the Calistoga area in the 1860ís.
Pond (infant) unknown unknown Amanda Ritchie came to California in 1846 and in 1850 married Jonathan Edward Pond who tried mining before taking up law.
Potter Allen C. ca 1843 May 1865 The historical record leaves only a faded headstone for Allen Potter.Possibly he was a farm laborer in the White Church area.
Poulson (child) ca 1860s Possibly this is the child of Harried Ritchie and Perry Oliver Poulson who met and married in Sonoma in 1847 and who had a nine month old daughter in 1860 who then disappears from the historical record.
Scott Emma L. ca 1867 15 Jan 1899 Emma was born in San Rafael, California and was 31 years old when she died of tuberculosis in 1899.
Selby Joshua 2 Jun 1812 20 Jun 1884 Joshua was born in Illinois in 1812 and married ca. 1837.The family came overland in the early 1850ís.Joshua died of stomach cancer at the home of his eldest daughter.
Teale Frank ca 1869 Oct 1869 Frank was the eighth child of Peter and Mary Teale.He died of a lung inflammation.
Teale George Washington Oct 1851 23 Oct 1939 Location of grave is unknown. George was the second son of Peter and Mary Ann Teale.He migrated with his family to California in 1852 where he later met and married Kate Parker, daughter of William W. Parker in 1880.
Teale Henry 1857 4 Nov 1857 Henry was the sixth child of Peter and Mary Ann Teale.Henry was born in the Napa Valley and died in infancy.
Teale John Sesley Jan 1862 10 Sep 1872 John was the seventh child of Peter and Mary Ann Teale.He was born in the Napa Valley and was familiarly known as Johnny.John was the baby of the family and was only 11 when he died.
Teale Mary Ann Tucker Oct 1830 8 Jan 1912 Mary Ann was born in Virginia and migrated to Illinois and Ohio where she met and married Peter Teale.In 1852 they came overland to join her father and brothers in the Upper Napa Valley.
Teale Peter Thomas ca Apr 1825 8 Feb 1904 Peter was born on St. Croix and moved to Canada then to Ohio where he met and married Mary Ann Tucker.After coming overland in 1852, the family farmed just south of Calistoga.
Tucker Angeline Elizabeth Kellogg 1 Oct 1838 19 Aug 1881 Angeline was born in Plum River Illinois and came to California in 1846.In 1858 she married George Tucker and the couple lived in the house that now serves as the parkís Visitor Center.
Tucker Charles Leslie 16 Dec 1864 Jan 1946 Charles was the second son of G.W. and A.E. Tucker.He married Nettie Weed in 1889.Charles was a farmer, close to six feet tall with a dark complexion, brown hair, and dark eyes.
Tucker Christina E. Weed 3 Dec 1838 2 Sep 1919 Christina emigrated from Maine to California, where she was widowed with three children.In 1879 she married John Wesley Tucker.The couple had one son and farmed in the Calistoga area.
Tucker George Washington 15 Dec 1831 16 Aug 1907 George, the eldest son of R.P. Tucker, was born in Rock Island, Illinois.He came overland in 1846 and later married Angeline Kellogg.They lived on land which now contains this park.
Tucker Harry L. 23 Sep 1885 3 Jun 1955 Harry was the only son of George and Mary Spruston Tucker (whom George remarried after Angelineís death).He married Lottie Hengevold of Oregon in 1912 and served in WWI.
Tucker Hurd 25 Jul 1844 27 Apr 1920 John was the second son of R.P. and Delilah Tucker, born in Illinois.He came to California in 1846 and later married Christina Weed who already had three children and with whom he had one son.
Tucker Jessie Erwin 16 Nov 1862 15 Nov 1866 Jessie, eldest son of G.W. and A.E. Tucker, succumbed to pneumonia only one day short of his 24th birthday and after having been married to neighbor Nona Cole for less than one year.
Tucker John Anderson 26 Nov 1872 Apr 1908 John, the fifth child of G.W. and A.E. Tucker, apparently never married, and it is recorded that he operated a fruit stand or store of some kind.He had a fair complexion, gray eyes, and brown hair.
Tucker Nettie M. Weed 10 Mar 1862 22 Aug 1925 Nettie was born in Carmel, Maine.In California she lost her father and her mother remarried into the Tucker family.Nettie married her step-cousin Charles Tucker in 1889.
Tucker Richard Deverell 25 Sep 1916 20 Aug 1988 Richard was the son of Harry and Lottie Tucker, grandson of George and Mary Tucker.He served in World War II and later married a woman named Violet with whom he settled in Lake County.
Tucker Stephen F. 16 May 1834 8 Mar 1896 Stephen Tucker was the third son of R.P. Tucker and came to California in 1846.Stephen settled on the shores of Clear Lake near present-day Konocti Harbor where he was a farmer.