All Souls Cemetery

4400 Cherry Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90807 | 562-424-8601
Los Angeles County

Partial Transcription

Alailima, Bill-Junior Falesfasa Image 63K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow
Brennan, Justin B., Sr. & Nellie F. Image 49K 2005 Joyce Hayes
Brown, James W. & Billie C. Image 66K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow
Capaci, Anthony Image 66K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow
Capaci, George & Rose Image 69K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow
Casillas, Kimberly Image 70K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow
Chavez, Charlie F. Image 67K Oct 2009 Bernice Rodriguez
Chavez, Ernest S. & Leonor Image 57K Oct 2009 Bernice Rodriguez
Chavez, Feliciano S. Image 56K Oct 2009 Bernice Rodriguez
Chavez, Felipe Image 79K Oct 2009 Bernice Rodriguez
Chavez, Jose & Gavina Image 60K Oct 2009 Bernice Rodriguez
Chavez, Victorita Image 61K Oct 2009 Bernice Rodriguez
DeLaTorre, Rafael F. & Guadalupe Image 74K Oct 2009 Bernice Rodriguez
Hebert, Frank J. & Marie D. Image 99K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow
Hebert, John C. & Robert W. Image 87K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow
Hebert, Richard D. Image 87K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow
Holloway, Tamar T. Image 78K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow
Pompa, Glenn Anthony Image 78K Oct 2009 Bernice Rodriguez
Rival, Tobias & Isabel Image 77K Oct 2009 Bernice Rodriguez
Sowe, Patrick A. Image 82K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow
Wlaschin, Louis B. Image 64K 2006 Tracy & Glenn Morrow

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