Los Angeles County Deaths

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File Description Size Date Submitter
Berger, Millie Yater April 4, 1962 2K Apr 2006 Patty Strawmyer
Cunningham, Vergie Doris November 25, 1960 2K Jan 2008 Shawn Cunningham
Denham, Thelma Elizabeth July 23, 2006 2K Dec 2008 Brian Duke
Gaddy, Aletta B. March 7, 1938 2K Jan 2009 Kim Johnston
Gowin, Dorothy Velma May 1, 1980 2K Mar 2007 Annette Winslow
Johnston, Dale Ross March 23, 2002 2K Jan 2009 Kim Johnston
Laughbaum, Horatio Thurston April 3, 1952 2K Mar 2006 Valerie Freeman
Schoeppner, Walter Frank February 1, 1988 2K Apr 2006 Sandra Morrey
Schoeppner,Joseph Wilfred September 11,1969 2K Apr 2006 Sandra Morrey
Snow, Mable Clair June 6, 1981 2K Mar 2007 Annette Winslow
Wilson, Hulin Oscar October 4, 1984 2K Aug 2005 Penny Rodighiero
Woods, Lydia April 10, 1957 2K Apr 2010 Stephanie Smith


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