Newspaper Obit Extractions, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
Extracted by Anita Schmidt


This file is part of the
California Tombstone Project

Newspaper abbreviations used in this data:

BL Burbank Leader
FL Foothill Leader
GNP Glendale News Press
LAT Los Angeles Times
LDN LA Daily News
PSN Pasadena Star News
TDN The Daily News of Camarillo
TOS Thousand Oaks Star
VCS Ventura County Star


Name Birth Place Birth/Age Death Burial Obit Date
Taff, Alfred Terrell Lived Oxnard, CA 83 years 04/16/2005 Oxnard, CA (Camino del Sol) TOS 4/21/05
Tafti, Rezvan H. Lived Camarillo, CA 82 years 03/06/2005 Conejo Mt. Cem., Camarillo, CA TOS 3/8/05
Talbot, Hazel L. Wray, CO 02/26/1914 11/04/1998 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA VCS 11/6/98
Tannenbaum, Daniel Los Angeles, CA 07/05/1947 Apr 2005 Ventura, CA (Reardon) TOS 4/6/05
Tarver, Asta Lived Port Hueneme, CA 78 years 4/23/05 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities) TOS 4/28/05
Taylor, Evelyn M. Somerset, OH 06/07/1914 10/13/2005 Conejo Mt. Cemetery, Camarillo, CA TOS 10/18/05
Taylor, Leonard Lived Simi Valley, CA 72 years 4/3/05 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 4/14/05
Taylor, Martin Earl Texas 77 years 04/08/2005 Camarillo, CA (Pierce) TOS 4/12/05
Taylor, Shirley Gene Hamlin, TX 11/29/1923 09/30/2005 Santa Paula Cemetery, CA (Skillin Carroll) TOS 10/5/05
Taylor, Wakefield    Judge Ukiah, CA 93 years 04/06/2005 First Congregational Church, Martinez, CA TOS 4/13/05
Teel, Sue Russellville, AR 09/25/1927 03/28/2005 Santa Paula Cemetery, CA TOS 4/2/05
Tehero, Ramona D. Lived Ventura, CA 71 years 03/27/2005 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 4/1/05
Temple, William James  Jr. Ventura, CA 07/10/1935 03/29/2005 St. Paul's Episcopal, Ventura, CA TOS 4/5,8/05
Templeton, Wayne Lived Simi Valley, CA Unk 01/31/2005 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 2/3/05
Tempo, Eugene Pennsylvania 75 years 04/10/2005 Simi Valley, CA (Reardon) TOS 4/14/05
Thibault, Albert Robert Lived Simi Valley, CA N/A Mar  1966 Simi Valley Cem., CA  (Cem. Info - buried Mar. 22, 1966)  
Thibault, Dwight Lived Glendale, CA 11/15/1956 Nov. 1976 Not available   SSDI
Thompson, David Lived Camarillo, CA 48 years 10/08/2005 Oxnard, CA (Reardon) TOS 10/12/05
Thompson, James W. Lived Ventura, CA 79 years 09/06/2005 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 10/11/05
Thompson, R. E. 'Tommy' Lived Thousand Oaks, CA N/A 2005 Not Available TOS 4/2/05
Thorp, William E. Warwick, OK 03/03/1933 02/23/2005 Nogales, NM TOS 3/9/05
Till, Helen Lived Camarillo, CA 77 years 03/18/2005 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 3/29/05
Till, Helen M. Lived Camarillo, CA 77 years 03/18/2005 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 4/4/05
Tistaert, Elsie Lived Brentwood, CA 08/14/1909 03/04/2005 Woodlawn Cem., Santa Monica, CA LAT 3/7/05
Tistaert, Leslie C. Lived Brentwood, CA 11/29/2006 May 1986 Woodlawn Cem., Santa Monica, CA LAT 3/7/2005; SSDI
Tobin, Frances 'Bernice' Portland, OR N/A 04/09/2005 Ojai, CA (Clausen) TOS 4/12/05
Tobin, James John Kansas City, MO 11/05/1914 03/13/2005 Oxnard, CA (Reardon) TOS 3/19,20/05
Torrero, Lucy Alvarez Lived Moorpark, CA 06/09/1943 04/11/2005 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 4/15,23/05
Torres, Angel O. Lived Santa Paula, CA 08/02/1908 July 1978 Santa Paula Cem., CA  TOS 2/3/05 SSDI
Torres, Lydia L. Santa Paula, CA 11/05/1913 02/01/2005 Santa Paula Cem., CA  TOS 2/3,4/05
Torrez, David B. Oxnard, CA 12/29/1927 03/21/2005 Conejo Mt. Cem., Camarillo, CA TOS 3/26,27/05
Toti, Andrew Lived Modesto, CA 89 years 03/20/2005 Not available TOS 3/27/05
Towe, Minnie Alice Ruth, Quay Co., NM 94 years 02/28/2005 Prairie Cem., Republic, MO TOS 3/3/05
Towery, Howard A. Erick, OK 02/10/1933 04/20/2005 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 4/24,26/05
Tozier, Ralph W. Denver, CO 04/23/1920 04/11/2005 Oxnard, CA (Reardon-Payton) TOS 4/14/05
Trela, Joseph R. Lived Thousand Oaks, CA Not avail. 04/13/2005 Ocala, Florida TOS 4/22/05
Triplett, Carolyn J. Lived Santa Paula, CA N/A 03/15/2005 Santa Paula, CA (Skillin-Carroll) TOS 4/7/05
Triplett, Carolyn Joan Lived Santa Paula, CA 73 years 03/15/2005 Santa Paula, CA (Skillin-Carroll) TOS 3/19/05
Troy, Robert Wylie Mount Vervon, NY 02/03/1928 12/26/2004 Thousand Oaks, CA (Aabbey) TOS 2/3/05
Truxler, Mary Grace Wilvers Erie, PA 09/07/1919 09/29/2005 Laguna Hills, CA (O'Connor) TOS 10/5/05
Tsutsumi, Harry Masaru Lived Oxnard, CA 86 years 10/04/2005 Oxnard Buddhist Temple, CA TOS 10/8/05
Tubbs, Ida (Sciutto) Not available 05/29/1910 03/21/1997 Hollister, CA TOS 3/20/05  SSDI
Tucker, Edith McCammond Peru, NE 07/19/1919 04/21/2005 Died Omaha, NE TOS 4/27/05
Turbeville, Emmett M. Greer Co., OK 04/25/1918 04/07/2005 Conejo Mountain Mem., Camarillo, CA TOS 4/9/05
Turner,  Ronale E., Jr. Lived Simi Valley, CA 12/21/1981 02/26/2005 Arroyo Grande Cem., CA TOS 3/4/05
Turner, Vera Vanquilla (Ruston) Cypress, Manitoba, Canada 01/15/1913 02/28/2005 Assumption Cem., Simi Valley, CA TOS 3/5,6/05
Twitchell, Norval A. Elk Point, SD 09/14/1929 04/20/2005 Conejo Mountain Mem., Camarillo, CA TOS 4/23,24/05
Tyner, James A. Sperry, OK 06/05/1915 03/25/2005 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities) TOS 3/30/05


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