Newspaper Obit Extractions, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
Extracted by Anita Schmidt


This file is part of the
California Tombstone Project

Newspaper abbreviations used in this data:

BL Burbank Leader
FL Foothill Leader
GNP Glendale News Press
LAT Los Angeles Times
LDN LA Daily News
PSN Pasadena Star News
TDN The Daily News of Camarillo
TOS Thousand Oaks Star
VCS Ventura County Star


Name Birth Place Birth/Age Death Burial Obit Date
Rader, Olive M. Lived Las Vegas, NV 85 years 02/23/2005 Santa Paula, CA (Funeraria del angel Stetler) TOS 3/1/05
Radtke, Hilda Milwaukee, WI 06/29/1916 04/10/2005 Thousand Oaks, CA (Aabbey) TOS 4/14/05
Ragan, Patricia L. Los Angeles, CA 08/19/1944 03/17/2005 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 3/22/05
Rambow, Helga Hamburg, Germany 01/10/1929 03/06/2005 Simi Valley, CA  (Reardon) TOS 3/11/05
Ramirez, Jacinto Lived Oxnard, CA 83 years 04/14/2005 Oxnard, CA (Camino del Sol) TOS 4/19/05
Ramos, Nadine Ojai, CA 08/22/1935 03/14/2005 Oxnard, CA (Garcia) TOS 3/17,18,24/05
Randall, Lee Scott Lived Rancho Mirage, CA 78 years 04/02/2005 Mt. Sinai Mem., Hollywood Hills, CA TOS 4/21/05
Rangel, J. Ramon Lived Thousand Oaks, CA 63 years 04/13/2005 Thousand Oaks, CA (Pierce) TOS 4/19/05
Rapp, Elizabeth Anne Lived Ventura, CA 76 years 04/12/2005 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 4/15/05
Ray, Charles L. North Carolina 12/30/1914 04/23/2005 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 4/29/05
Rayna, Betty Courtney Page, ND 10/1/1920s 04/24/2005 Lived Westlake Village, CA TOS 4/27/05
Reed, Margaret Montgomery Marysville, TN 04/14/1914 10/02/2005 Ivy Lawn Memorial, Ventura, CA TOS 10/5/05
Reeling, Kenneth Lamar Baltimore, MD 11/22/1917 03/06/2005 New Braunfels, TX (Zoeller) TOS 3/8/05
Rees, Floyd Milton Park City, UT 07/05/1924 03/10/2005 Oxnard, CA (Reardon) TOS 3/13,14/05
Reeves, Charles    Lived S. Pasadena, CA 10/15/1918 03/05/2005 Not available   SSDI
Reeves, Charles H. Fort Frasier, BC, Canada 04/01/1905 Mar 2005 Lived Pasadena, CA LAT 3/7/05
Reeves, Elizabeth Shelton Madison Co., AL 08/11/1919 3/13/05 Oakwood Memorial Park, Chatsworth, CA TOS 3/23/05
Reid, Annie 'Nancy' St. Helens, Merseyside, England 05/21/1932 10/03/2005 Ivy Lawn Memorial, Ventura, CA TOS 10/7,13,15/05
Reiner, Minerva E. (Strockbine) Manhasset, NY 03/18/1919 03/01/2005 Conejo Mt. Cem., Camarillo, CA TOS 3/4,5/05
Reveles, Joe C.    Jr. El Rio, CA 07/10/1931 09/28/2005 Santa Clara Cemetery, Oxnard, CA TOS 10/1,3/05
Reveles, Pedro "Peter" Oxnard, CA 06/18/1983 03/05/2005 Shot by Albert Carrillo, 21 TOS 3/6,8,10,12,28/05
Rex, Wilma Marie Rico, CO 73 years 03/21/2005 Simi Valley, CA  (Rose) TOS 3/29/05
Reyes, Manuel Clemente Kansas 11/14/1918 03/09/2005 Santa Clara Cem., CA TOS 3/20/05
Reynolds, David Paul Jacksonville, IL 03/09/1931 09/08/2005 Service at Bridge Academy II, Thousand Oaks, CA TOS 10/6/05
Reynolds, Mark J. Lived Santa Ana, CA 35 years 01/08/2004 Killed by cougar in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park TOS 3/30/05
Reynosa, Beatriz V. (Vivo) Mexicali, Mexico (lived Ventura) 86 years 03/17/2005 Mexicali, Mexico TOS 3/20,22/05
Richardson, Estel David Clark Lived Ventura, CA 82 years 04/05/2005 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 4/13/05
Richardson, Maxine A. San Luis Obispo, CA 10/19/1921 04/17/2005 Oxnard, CA (Conrad-Carroll) TOS 4/22/05
Richardson, Wade D., Jr. Oxnard, CA 02/23/1951 01/26/2005 Ivy Lawn Mem., Ventura, CA TOS 2/1,2/05
Rico, Filiberto Lopez Jeruco, Michoacan, Mexico 01/05/1936 03/01/2005 Santa Paula Cem., CA TOS 3/5,10/05
Rico, Rudy Santa Paula, CA 10/17/1935 04/01/2005 Santa Paula, CA TOS 4/8/05
Riley, Barbara Ellen Pittsburgh, PA 04/30/1946 04/18/2005 Oakwood Mem., Chatsworth, CA TOS 4/21,23/05
Riley, Ralph Lucille Sisson Chicago, IL 06/08/1907 03/18/2005 Died Ventura, CA TOS 3/31/05
Rindone, Zelda R. Axtel, KS 08/15/1917 04/18/2005 Conejo Mt. Cemetery, Camarillo, CA TOS 4/21/05
Risling, David Weitchpec, OR 04/10/1921 03/13/2005 Hoopa (Died Woodland Hills, CA) TOS 3/16/05
Ritter, Jean A. Lived Camarillo, CA 80 years 04/20/2005 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities) TOS 4/26/05
Roach, James Christopher Ventura, CA 09/08/1938 03/13/2005 Lake Havasu City, AZ (Leitz-Fraze) TOS 3/17/05
Roark, Chester Carl Amarillo, TX 02/26/1918 02/25/2005 Oakswood Mem., Chatsworth, CA TOS 3/2.6/05
Robbins, F. Lived Santa Paula, CA 06/28/1908 Dec 1926 Not Available   SSDI
Robbins, Marguerite Lived Santa Paula, CA 05/28/1988 Mar 1974 Not Available   10/12/05 SSDI
Robbins, Norma Lived Ventura 09/16/1924 06/09/2000 Not Available TOS 10/12/05 SSDI
Robbins, Richard Lived Santa Clara, CA 06/10/1927 04/30/1994 Not Available   SSDI
Robbins, Wallace Lived Simi Valley, CA 04/18/1911 Sept 1983 Not Available   SSDI
Robbins, William G. Santa Paula, CA 03/01/1923 10/09/2005 Richardson Cemetery, Santa Paula, CA TOS 10/12/05
Robert, Clark, Jr. Lived Thousand Oaks, CA 56 years 03/03/2005 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities) TOS 3/8/05
Roberts, Betty Jean Lived Ventura, CA 10/13/1932 02/25/2005 Ventura, CA (Charles Carroll) TOS 3/1,3,23/05
Robertson, Fylis F.(Fernandez) Santa Monica, CA 03/26/1921 09/09/2005 N. Oxnard Methodist Church, CA TOS 10/8,9/05
Robinson, Nora Darden Newsoms, VA 01/28/1915 03/17/2005 Chesapeake, VA TOS 3/23,24/05
Robinson, Robert Ventura, CA 11/15/1933 04/03/2005 Springfield, MO TOS 4/13/05
Robison, Sherryl Lived Simi Valley, CA 61 years 10/09/2005 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 10/12/05
Rodriguez, Katherine L. Yellowhorse Wide Ruins, AZ 01/01/1928 10/14/2005 Good Shepherd Mission, Ft. Defiance, AZ TOS 10/17/05
Rodriguez, Norma Lived Port Hueneme, CA 32 years 1993 William P. Mackey sentenced to 15 yrs. TOS 1/11;3/29/05 New Info
Rodriquez, Dannette Lived Ventura, CA 43 years 04/02/2005 St. Anthony's Church, Oxnard TOS 4/13/05
Rodriquez, Mary F.(Flores) Lonisburg, NM 03/08/1916 04/13/2005 Santa Paula Cemetery, CA TOS 4/16/,19/05
Rodriquez, Silvestre R. Salvatierra, Guanajuato, Mex 11/26/1921 02/24/2005 Santa Clara Catholic Cem., CA TOS 3/2/05
Rogash, Claus Peter  Germany 12/10/1945 09/25/2005 Oxnard, CA (Garcia) TOS 10/3/05
Rogge, Walter J. Lived Ojai, CA 73 years 04/23/2005 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities) TOS 4/29/05
Roland, Loretta Jean Hamilton, OH 09/27/1932 03/12/2005 Simi Valley, CA  (Reardon) TOS 3/16,17/05
Rollert, Matie M. South Dakota 02/21/1913 03/22/2005 Redeemer Lutheran Ch., Newbury Park, CA TOS 3/27/05
Rollow, Virginia Denver, CA 07/15/1918 02/02/2005 Died Oxnard, CA TOS 2/15/05 SSDI (Update)
Romero, Roaslie Santa Barbara, CA 02/28/1954 10/03/2005 Oak Hill Cemetery, Ballard, CA TOS 10/6/05
Rosales, Alfredo M. Lived Oxnard, CA 82 years 04/22/2005 Oxnard, CA (Reardon) TOS 4/26/05
Rosas, Martin Arroyo Lived Simi Valley, CA 39 years 03/27/2005 Simi Valley, CA  (Reardon) TOS 3/31/05
Rose, Annette Salt Lake City, CA 1937 04/05/2005 Lived Montecito, CA TOS 4/15,16,17/05
Rose, Elizabeth Lived Ventura, CA 85 years 09/28/2005 Ventura, CA (Charles Carroll) TOS 10/4/05
Rosen, Karen L. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 01/11/1945 04/08/2005 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 4/14/05
Rossi, Ida Lived Ventura, CA 81 years 04/24/2005 Ventura, CA (Charles Carroll) TOS 4/28/05
Rothman, Stanley Lived Oxnard, CA 76 years 01/25/2005 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 2/3/05
Rourke, Jeremy Lived Palmdale, CA 15 years 04/12/2005 Killed by black, 13(12 yrs. In Youth Authority) TOS 4/14,16;7/29/05 (Update)
Rudd, Verbena Chicago, IL 11/26/1922 04/10/2005 Conejo Mt. Cemetery, Camarillo, CA TOS 4/13,14,15/05
Runnion, Samantha Lived Santa Ana, CA 5 years July 2002 Raped and killed by Alejandro Avila, 30 TOS 3/22/05
Runnion, Samantha Lived Stanton, CA 5 years 07/15/2002 Killed by Alejandro Avila, 30 (death sentence) TOS 4/29;5/17;7/23/05
Rushing, Troy R. Wichita, KS 03/08/1928 09/18/2005 Ventura, CA     
Russe, Marie Sophie Lived Ventura, CA 95 years 04/10/2005 Ventura, CA (Reardon) TOS 4/12/05
Ruwhiu, Kathleen M. Achenbach Taegu, Korea Dec 1969 10/04/2005 Calvary Communich Church, Westlake Village, CA TOS 10/8,9/05
Ruzicka, Marla Lived Lakeport, CA 28 years 04/16/2005 Car bomb in Baghdad, Iraq TOS 4/18,24/05
Ryan, Sally Lived Simi Valley, CA 61 years 03/02/2005 Simi Valley, CA  (Reardon) TOS 3/3/05


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