Newspaper Obit Extractions, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
Extracted by Anita Schmidt

Starting Jan 2004, updated Updated Feb 5 2005 for 2004 entries.

This file is part of the
California Tombstone Project

Newspaper abbreviations used in this data:

BL Burbank Leader
FL Foothill Leader
GNP Glendale News Press
LDN LA Daily News
LAT Los Angeles Times
PSN Pasadena Star News
TOS Thousand Oaks Star



Name Birth Place Age/Birth   Death Burial Obit Date
Tablante, Ramon Torres Lived Newbury Park, CA 54 years   11/26/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 12/1/04
Taggert, Laura Lived Woodland Hills, CA 78 years   01/16/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 01/28/2004
Tallman, Marily Jean Seattle, WA 03/20/1932   12/11/2004 Ventura Missionary Church, CA TOS 12/18,19/04
Talmadge, Christine Frances Lived Bremerton, WA 57 years   03/20/2004 Santa Paula, CA (Pierce) TOS 03/25/2004
Tapia, Arnoldo Lived Santa Barbara, CA 48 years   02/13/2004 Oxnard, CA (Garcia) TOS 02/17/2004
Tardy, Richard Lee Pasadena, CA 07/07/1937   12/30/2003 Thousand Oaks, CA (Aabbey) TOS 1/8,9/2004
Tate, Ronald Louis Los Angeles, CA 02/26/1927   03/13/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Reardon) TOS 03/16/2004
Taylor, Lillian Henson Charleston, W. VA 10/28/1918   12/13/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 12/16,18/04
Tcsik, Edward Lived Thousand Oaks, CA 80 years   01/29/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 02/21/2004
Teichman, Murray New York City, NY 05/04/1920   10/16/2004 Temple Beth Tora, Ventura, CA TOS 11/3/04
Tejeda, John A. Morenci, AZ 05/10/1930   02/12/2004 Santa Clara Cem., Oxnard, CA TOS 2/17,18/2004
Temple, Jed William Ventura, Ca 10/23/1974   12/17/2004 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 12/21,22/04
Teofilo, Margarito Rojo Lived Santa Paula, CA 47 years   10/26/2004 Fillmore, CA (Skillin-Carroll) TOS 11/6/04
Terry, Hazel Lived Simi Valley, CA 69 years   03/15/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Reardon) TOS 03/19/2004
Teteris, Eriks Latvia   (Lived Ventura, CA) 12/14/1925   01/30/2004 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 2/1,2/2004
Thigpin, Winferd Pino, OK 10/20/1922   12/30/2003 Santa Paula Cemetery,  CA TOS 1/1,2/2004
Thomas, Megan Maureen Escondido, CA 03/14/1979   03/18/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Guardian) TOS 03/26/2004
Thompson, Ron Toledo, OH 10/19/1939   02/11/2004 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 2/14,15/2004
Thompson, Ronald W. Oxnard, CA 04/04/1956   01/23/2004 Santa Paula, CA (Skillin-Carroll) TOS 01/27/2004
Thornton, Bill Douglas Waubay, SD 1942   01/25/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Reardon) TOS 1/27,28,31;2/1/04
Thorp, Noel Margaret Lived Camarillo, CA 68 years   02/20/2004 Santa Barbara, CA (Neptune Society) TOS 02/28/2004
Tidik, Edna (Smith) Passaic, NJ 02/04/1925   12/24/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 12/28,29/04
Tiegel, Blake Harris Lived Thousand Oaks, CA 37 years   03/02/2004 Cremated TOS 03/14/2004
Tilden-Keeney, Virl Lived Simi Valley, CA 90 years   11/15/2004 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities) TOS 11/18/04
Tilley, William Lawrence Ventura, CA 08/21/1952   01/09/2004 El Dorado Hills, CA TOS 01/13/2004
Timbrook, Hazel  Dorchester, NE 10/17/1916   12/13/2004 Westwood, CA (Pierce) TOS 12/18/04
Timbrook, Roland Lived Ojai, CA 03/06/1917   03/01/1979 Unk TOS 12/18/04 SSDI
Tirado, Cecilia 'Lolly' Kansas City, KS 06/07/1915   03/13/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 3/17,18/2004
Todd, Barbara Ann (Diaz) Lived Ventura, CA 11/19/1942   11/13/2004 Ivy Lawn Mem., Ventura, CA TOS 11/17,18/04
Todd, Robert Dean, Sr. Lafayette, IL 03/30/1922   11/02/2004 Valhalla Cemetery, North Hollywood, CA TOS 11/6/04
Tolentino, Marcelo B. Philippines 09/03/1923   02/02/2004 Santa Clara Cem., Oxnard, CA TOS 02/03/2004
Tomas, Frances Rose Chicago, IL 64 years   03/17/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 03/20/2004
Tomazin, Joseph Lived Simi Valley, CA 66 years   12/23/2003 Santa Barbara, CA (Neptune Society) TOS 01/09/2004
Toohey, John Fleming Dayton, OH 53 years   03/13/2004 Port Orchard, Washington TOS 3/17,19,20/2004
Topkin, Ruth M. Lived Ventura, CA 88 years   02/22/2004 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities Cremations) TOS 02/26/2004
Torrey, Jean Hartpence Westerville, OH 12/16/1923   11/05/2004 Community Presbyterian Ch., Ventura, CA TOS 11/13,14/04
Tosian, Suzie Lived Simi Valley, CA 92 years   01/25/2005 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 1/28/05
Tours, Frank E., Jr. England 04/19/1927   01/29/2004 Ojai, CA (Clausen) TOS 02/01/2004
Tower, Betty Marie Lived Newbury Park, CA 90 years   11/09/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 11/13/04
Towle, Alice Lived Redman, WA 97 years   12/17/2004 Thousand Oaks, CA (Pierce) TOS 01/16/2004
Trachsel, Ernest Pierce Montana 11/22/1922   07/23/1999 Conejo Mt. Cem., Camarillo, CA (Santa Cruz 2 Sec., Lot 268, Grave A
Trask, Catherine Lyhnn Van Nuys, CA 11/11/1944   01/13/2004 Roseville, CA TOS 01/21/2004
Travaglini, Avelina Las Cruces, Mexico 04/10/1909   03/10/2004 Van Nuys, CA (Praiswater-Meyer) TOS 3/13,14/2004
Treiberg, Ferdinand Estonia (Lived Anaheim, CA) 08/18/1911   03/23/2004 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 03/27/2004
Trevor, Richard Illinois 04/09/1916   Sept. 1983 Long Beach, CA   SSDI
Trimble, E. Allan Lived Camarillo, CA 85 years   12/18/2004 Oxnard, CA (Camino del Sol) TOS 12/23/04
Tritch, Suzanne Marie (Hartman) California 10/27/1954   Nov. 1982 Died Payette, Payette, Idaho   SSDI
Trivedi, Ratilal B. Lived Port Hueneme, CA 88 years   03/11/2004 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities) TOS 03/19/2004
Trnka, Margaret Lee Los Angeles, CA 1928   12/02/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 12/4,5/04
Tronstad, Dolores Whitehead   97 years   12/24/2003 Ventura, CA (Sunset Plan) TOS 01/01/2004
Trujillo, Marie Mae Lived Simi Valley, CA 96 years   01/05/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Reardon) TOS 01/09/2004
Tucker, Donald D. Tipton, CA 10/20/1940   02/24/2004 Oxnard, CA (Conrad-Carroll) TOS 02/27/2004
Turnbull, Thomas Lived Oxnard, CA 55 years   11/26/2004 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities) TOS 12/7/04
Turner, Paul D. Los Angeles, CA 03/03/1912   12/21/2003 Conejo Mt. Mem., Camarillo, CA TOS 01/11/2004
Turner, Robert Jackson Unk Unk   09/24/1961 Rose Hills Cemetery, Whittier, CA LAT 09/26/1961
Turner, Rodman Lived Reseda, CA 81 years   12/30/2003 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 01/09/2004
Turner, William E. Lived Moorpark, CA 91 years   12/13/2004 Rose Mortuary TOS 12/18/04


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