Newspaper Obit Extractions, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
Extracted by Anita Schmidt

Starting Jan 2004, updated Updated Feb 5 2005 for 2004 entries.

This file is part of the
California Tombstone Project

Newspaper abbreviations used in this data:

BL Burbank Leader
FL Foothill Leader
GNP Glendale News Press
LDN LA Daily News
LAT Los Angeles Times
PSN Pasadena Star News
TOS Thousand Oaks Star



Name Birth Place Age/Birth   Death Burial Obit Date
O'Brien, James Frederick Madison, KS 75 years   11/15/2004 Ivy Lawn Mem., Ventura, CA TOS 11/19,20,21/04
O'Brien, Thomas Francis Brooklyn, NY Unk   02/23/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 2/26,27,29/2004
O'Brien, Violet Yvonne Beaver City, NE 09/13/1921   02/23/2004 Ivy Lawn Mem., Ventura, CA TOS 2/28,29/2004
Ochoa, Abigall Lived Van Nuys, CA 61 years   11/11/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 11/16/04
Ochoa, Lucrecia (Rodriquez) Tucson, AZ 05/20/1920   12/02/2004 St. Judes Catholic, Westlake Village, CA TOS 12/5/04
Ochoa, Victor Oxnard, CA 11/28/1949   01/02/2004 Guilford Mem. Park, Greensboro, NC TOS 01/06/2004
Odney, William Allen Los Angeles, CA 07/08/1944   12/16/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 12/19/04
O'Donnell, James P. Portland, OR 05/21/1925   11/09/2004 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities) TOS 11/12,13,14/04
O'Donnell, Sheila Shora England 12/08/1907   11/24/2004 Santa Clara Cemetery., Oxnard, CA TOS 12/9/04
Oelschlager, Ray Troy Lived Ventura, CA 94 years   03/23/2004 Oxnard, CA (Payton) TOS 03/25/2004
Ogier, Ronald Dean Jackson, OH 04/23/1950   11/27/2004 Riverside National Cemetery, CA TOS 12/1,2/04
Ogletree, Patrick E. Lived Ojai, CA 50 years   01/27/2004 Ojai, CA (Clausen) TOS 02/02/2004
Ojeda, Raul Mendoza Tejaro, Miochoacan, Mex. 06/01/1951   01/01/2004 Santa Clara Catholic Cem., Oxnard, CA TOS 01/04/2004
O'Kesson, Lawrence Newton Albany, NY 04/14/1936   02/08/2004 Died Camarillo, CA TOS 02/14/2004
Olin, Raymond S. San Francisco, CA 77 years   11/29/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 12/2/04
Oliver, Nancy Ann Lived Ventura, CA 02/21/1958   03/15/2004 Ventura Community Church TOS 3/18,24,25/2004
Olmos, Fidela M. Ocotlan, Jalisco, Mexico 04/24/1922   12/22/2004 Conejo Mt. Cem., Camarillo, CA TOS 12/26,27/04
Olsen, Merle Arden Lived Oxnard, CA 01/31/1922   Nov. 1984 Died Ventura, CA TOS 12/9/04 SSDI
Olsen, Theodore Lived Simi Valley, CA 62 years   11/16/2004 Oakwood Mem., Chatsworth, CA TOS 11/19/04
Olsen, Wayne Arthur Santa Monica, CA 12/05/1954   11/21/2004 Ventura, CA (Charles-Carroll) TOS 12/9,10,11/04
Olson, Vera E. Kingwood, TX 11/28/1916   11/01/2004 Ventura, CA (Reardon) TOS 11/6,7/2004
O'Mara, Evelyn Carla Lived Oak View, CA 83 years   01/31/2004 Ventura, CA (Charles-Carroll) TOS 2/4,/2004
O'Neal, Ron Utica, NY 66 years   01/14/2004 Died Cedars-Sinai Med Cen, Los Angeles, CA TOS 01/17/2004
Ontiveros, Fermin V. Douglas, WY 07/07/1931   12/24/2003 Oxnard, CA (Camino del Sol) TOS 01/01/2004
Oppliger, Norman E. Lived Oxnard, CA 75 years   12/27/2004 Oxnard, CA (Guardian) TOS 12/29/04
Orbach, Jerry Bronx, New York 1935   12/28/2004 Died Manhattan, NY TOS 12/30/04
O'Rear, Mary Lou Texas 12/11/1925   01/09/2004 Ivy Lawn Mem., Ventura, CA TOS 01/13/2004
Orinstein, Harold David Lived Los Angeles 52 years   10/29/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Reardon) TOS 11/10/04
Orlando, Thomas Joseph Milwaukee, WI 06/01/1921   01/21/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 1/24,25/2004
Orluske, Jean L. Fullerton, CA 07/28/1930   12/26/2004 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 12/29,31/04
Ornelas, Julia Rose Ventura, CA 11/16/2004   11/17/2004 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 11/28,30/2004
Ornelas, Ruby Esperanza Ventura, CA 11/16/2004   11/17/2004 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 11/28/04
Ornelas, Ruby Esperanza Ventura, CA Infant   11/17/2004 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 12/1/04
Orozco, Joe S. Lived Oxnard, CA 12/09/1946   12/17/2004 Ivy Lawn Mem., Ventura, CA TOS 12/21/04
Orr, Gladys Shafter, CA 08/17/1917   12/13/2004 Ojai, CA (Clausen) TOS 12/19/04
Orr, Robert Woodruff Lived Simi Valley, CA 91 years   12/11/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 12/18/04
Ortega, Albina Lived Los Angeles, CA 83 years   02/08/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 02/21/2004
Ortega, Reynaldo H., Sr. Prescott, AZ 07/24/1924   01/09/2004 Oxnard, CA (Reardon) TOS 1/14,15,16/04
Ortiz, Augustin, Jr. Lived Oxnard, CA 47 years   01/05/2004 Oxnard, CA (Reardon) TOS 01/07/2004
Ortiz, Rudy Santa Barbara, CA 12/12/1967   01/05/2004 Ivy Lawn Mem., Ventura, CA TOS 1/9,11/2004
Ortiz, Trinidad Anthony Lived Moorpark, CA 47 years   01/16/2004 Oxnard, CA (Camino del Sol) TOS 01/21/2004
Osumi, Tom Shinichi Honolulu, Hawaii 12/01/1912   01/03/2004 Died Oxnard, CA TOS 1/21,22,23,25/04


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