Newspaper Obit Extractions, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
Extracted by Anita Schmidt

Starting Jan 2004, updated Updated Feb 5 2005 for 2004 entries.

This file is part of the
California Tombstone Project

Newspaper abbreviations used in this data:

BL Burbank Leader
FL Foothill Leader
GNP Glendale News Press
LDN LA Daily News
LAT Los Angeles Times
PSN Pasadena Star News
TOS Thousand Oaks Star



Name Birth Place Age/Birth   Death Burial Obit Date
Earls, Clyde McDaniel Weleetka, OK 02/07/1914   02/02/2004 Conejo Mt. Mem., Camarillo, CA TOS 2/4,5/2004
Early, James M. Syracuse, NY 81 years   01/12/2004 Palo Alton, CA TOS 01/16/2004
Easterling, Jennifer Lived Vallejo, CA 35 years   10/11/2004 Corbin Easterling arrensted Nov. 11/23/04 TOS 10/16,19;11/25/04
Ebben, Alice Lorraine Ventura, CA 89 years   11/04/2004 Oxnard, CA (Guardian) TOS 11/13/04
Ecton, Marie E. Holmberg Carpenter Walthill, NE 02/22/1921   02/22/2004 Moorpark, CA (Rose) TOS 2/26,27/2004
Edison, Mildred F. Newman Marion, IA 02/23/1904   02/10/2004 Ventura, CA (Charles-Carroll) TOS 02/17/2004
Edwards, Patricia Idelle Burr Oakland, CA 02/19/1918   12/24/2003 Lived Camarillo, CA TOS 01/11/2004
Eggers, Milton Lived Thousand Oaks, CA 78 years   01/25/2004 Thousand Oaks, CA (Pierce) TOS 01/28/2004
Egus, Louis Elko, NV 04/19/1925   02/15/2004 Ojai, CA (Clausen) TOS 02/18/2004
Eisele, Susanne R. Canada 08/31/1966   01/09/2004 Lived Simi Valley, CA TOS 01/15/2004
Elek, Andrew Unk 10/18/1899   Mar 1986 Died West Covina, CA TOS SSDI & 11/18/04
Elek, Helen Unk 07/01/1905   Feb 1980 Died La Puente, CA TOS SSDI & 11/18/04
Elfman, Edna Jane (Hackworth) Berry County, MO 06/15/1911   01/30/2004 Greenlawn Cem., Bakersfield, CA TOS 2/4,5/2004
Ellingsworth, Adelle Martha Lived Ojai, CA 84 years   12/24/2003 Oxnard, CA (Payton) TOS 01/01/2004
Ellis, Gary Andrew Ventura, CA  03/01/1953   01/06/2004 Ivy Lawn Mem., Ventura, CA TOS 01/11/2004
Ellison, Ronnie Ellen (Hicks) Cincinnati, OH 11/23/1943   11/24/2004 Lived Santa Paula. Oxnard, CA (Guardian) TOS 12/9,16/04
Elsenbach, John William Chicago, IL 03/01/1925   11/13/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 11/18/04
Elston, Kenneth A. Kansas City, MO 65 years   01/10/2004 Ivy Lawn Mem., Ventura, CA TOS 1/13,14/2004
Embree, Richard William Fullerton, CA 11/27/1978   12/29/2003 Camarillo, CA (Pierce) - Ashes at sea TOS 01/04/2004
Emerson, Barbara Irene Long Beach, CA 02/26/1931   01/14/2004 Silver Creek, NY (Babcock-Emerson) TOS 1/30,31/2004
Engeldrum, Christian Lived in Ventura, CA/Bronx, NY 39 years   11/29/2004 Died in Baghdad, Iraq TOS 12/3/04
England, Willi Mae (Turner) Unk Unk   09/28/1967 Rose Hills Cemetery, Whittier, CA   None
Enke, Leah Michal   18 years   01/20/2004 Died Newbury Park, CA TOS 1/24,25/2004
Equihua, Teodora Lived Santa Paula, CA 71 years   12/07/2004 Santa Paula, CA (Pierce) TOS 12/9/04
Erace, Maria Rose Lived Oak Park, CA 80 years   10/29/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Reardon) TOS 11/6/04
Ericksen, Maxine Elaine Lived Simi Valley, CA 78 years   12/30/2003 Simi Valley, CA (Reardon) TOS 01/06/2004
Erickson, Betty Louise (Mortenson) Galesburg, IL 85 years   02/15/2004 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 02/18/2004
Erickson, Doris Mary Lived Ventura, CA 89 years   11/29/2004 Ventura, CA (Ted Mayr) TOS 12/9/04
Escalante, Manuel F., Jr. Oxnard, CA 11/24/1935   01/25/2004 Santa Clara Catholic Cem., Oxnard, CA TOS 1/28,29/2004
Escareno, Dylan Thomas Ventura, CA 3 years   12/07/2004 Ventura, CA (Charles-Carroll) TOS 12/9/,10/04
Esquivel Lydia Banuelos Lived Oxnard, CA 09/20/1932   11/07/2004 Santa Clara Cem., Oxnard, CA TOS 11/9/04
Esslinger, Richard Lived Ventura 71 years   03/05/2004 Ventura, CA (Coast Cities) TOS 03/16/2004
Estandia, Eusebio  San Fernando, CA 78 years   11/02/2004 Oakwood Mem., Chatsworth, CA TOS 11/14/04
Estandia, Sandra Jeanne Los Angeles, CA 76 years   11/07/2004 Oakwood Mem., Chatsworth, CA TOS 11/14/04
Eulau, Cleo - Stanford Prof. Unk 80 years   01/23/2004 Died Palo Alto, CA TOS 01/31/2004
Eulau, Heinz - Stanford Prof. Unk 88 years   01/18/2004 Died Palo Alto, CA TOS 01/31/2004
Eune, Dorothy   84 years   01/09/2004 Simi Valley, CA (Rose) TOS 01/14/2004
Evans, Geneva E. Lived Westlake Village, CA 95 years   02/28/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 03/17/2004
Evans, Lucille Marie (Mae) Polsom, MT 10/16/1924   10/25/2004 Ashes in Montana (Oxnard,Conrad-Carroll) TOS 11/10/04
Evans, Merritt B. Lived Westlake Village, CA 95 years   03/12/2004 Valley Oaks Mem., Westlake Village, CA TOS 03/16/2004
Evans, William Lived Thousand Oaks, CA     02/20/2004 Northridge, CA (Bastian-Perott) TOS 03/14/2004
Evanson, Louise Lived Paradise Valley, AZ 79 years   11/10/2004 Paradise Mem. Gardens, Scottsdale, AZ TOS 11/17/04
Ewens, Meta (Kemp) Milwaukee, WI 03/11/1911   03/21/2004 Milwaukee, WI (Ventura-Ted Mayr) TOS 3/25,26,27/2004
Eyster, Debra (Sheffer) Los Angeles, CA 05/11/1962   01/12/2004 Ivy Lawn Mem., Ventura, CA TOS 02/11/2004


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