Oregon City Cemetery, Butte County, CA

Submitted by Lisette Kroepelin 30 Mar 2007

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Oregon City Cemetery

Transcription completed on December 20, 2006. This is a private cemetery and 
active. Interments are original residents of the local area or their descendants. 
Cemetery is accessible between dawn and dusk. There are marked as well as 
unmarked graves. To locate the cemetery travel East on Highway 70 pass the 
city of Oroville about 12 miles. Take the Cherokee Road turn to the right. Go 5.3 
miles (3.3 miles pass the Cherokee Cemetery) to an intersection with a sign directing 
you to Oregon City and a covered bridge. The road is narrow but paved to this point. 
Go 3/10 mile pass the covered bridge and look for a dirt single track drive up the hill 
on the left. This will take you to the cemetery. There are no services, water or 
electricity so take a comfort break before you leave Oroville. GPS coordinates are 
N 39 35.407 and W 121 31.593 at an elevation of 1250 ft.

Information in the transcription in (parenthesis and italics) in the notes section are 
added by the transcriber. All other information is taken directly from the tombstones.

Last First Birth Death Notes
Barmby Bessie S. Strang 6/9/1906 9/30/1993  
Blake Marion G. Strang 6/1/1945 3/21/2001  
Castle Lemuel L. 1/29/1903 1/2/1980  
Coggins Jessie Hengy 00/00/1875 00/00/1953 (Masonic Eastern Star)  
Crawford John 00/00/1827 00/00/1907  
Creswell Alice Hengy 8/22/1921 4/27/1991 Mother
Davis Elizabeth 6/00/1821 2/27/1899 Native of Wales
Davis Henry 4/21/1825 12/17/1871 Native of Wales
Davis Thomas H. 9/5/1861 5/30/1951  
Fischer Belle P. 7/23/1879 12/30/1968 (s/w Henry C. Fischer)
Fischer Carl W. 2/1/1909 11/6/1993  
Fischer Charles R. 12/15/1874 11/22/1961  
Fischer Henry C. 5/31/1866 3/5/1939 (s/w Belle P. Fischer)
Fosten Emma W.   8/16/1878 Aged 70 Years Native of N.H.
Grummet Charles Albert   7/6/1894 Aged 71 Yrs. 3 Mos. & 29 Dys Native of Germany
Grummet Elese   2/3/1908 80 Yrs. 1 Mo. 14 Days
Grummet George A. 00/00/1869 00/00/1939 (Oddfellow)
Hall Sarah E. 1/23/1861 4/28/1940  
Hall William Y. 2/24/1857 11/29/1935  
Hauptman Damian Ryan Patrick   8/16/2002  
Hayenga Clara D. 2/1/1909 8/29/1970 (s/w Clarence B. Hayenga)
Hayenga Clarence B. 12/30/1909 11/5/1971 (s/w Clara D. Hayenga)
Hedge Alonzo 00/00/1852 00/00/1917 (s/w Simpson Hedge)
Hedge Gavin Mitchell 00/00/1830 00/00/1913 (s/w Mary Irene Hedge)
Hedge Mary Irene 00/00/1845 00/00/1918 (s/w Gavin Mitchell Hedge)
Hedge Simpson 00/00/1866 00/00/1925 (s/w Alonzo Hedge)
Hengy Archie McNair 00/00/1887 00/00/1964 (s/w Hazel Laverna Hengy)
Hengy George Albert 00/00/1885 00/00/1908 P of A Native of California
Hengy Hazel Laverna 00/00/1893 00/00/1969 (s/w Archie McNair Hengy)
Hengy Rachel Reid 00/00/1848 00/00/1923 (Masonic Eastern Star) Native of Scotland
Hengy William Sinclair 00/00/1845 00/00/1908 (Masonic) Sergt. Co. B, 36 Wis. Vol. Native of Wisconsin
Hipes Harry Richard 7/25/1869 1/20/1937  
Hipes Lydia Ann 10/4/1872 4/11/1946  
James Catherine Mrs. 10/16/1837 10/16/1920 (s/w William, John E. and William Henry James)
James Daniel R. 5/2/1870 12/18/1925  
James Edwin Thomas 00/00/1874 00/00/1965 (Masonic)
James Francis E. 9/2/1874 2/8/1950 (Masonic)
James George D. 7/13/1865 12/11/1931 (Oddfellow)
James John E. 6/6/1868 5/1/1907 (Oddfellow) Native of Cal (s/w William Henry, William and Catherine James)
James Margaret L. 5/4/1857 2/25/1938  
James Richard F. 12/18/1876 7/24/1960 (Masonic) California 1st LT Medical Corps World War I 
James William   1/12/1828 4/24/1905 Native of Wales (s/w William Henry, John E., and Catherine James)
James William Henry 9/23/1858 4/3/1907 (Oddfellow) Native of Cal (s/w John E., William and Catherine James)
Jones Elias H. 00/00/1863 00/00/1939 (Masonic) Father (s/w Hettie Jones)
Jones Elma W.   5/1/1899 Aged 7 M's & 25 D's
Jones Hettie 00/00/1865 00/00/1934 (Masonic Eastern Star) Mother (s/w Elias H. Jones)
Lafferty Isabel Strang 00/00/1852 00/00/1915  
Lafferty James 00/00/1846 00/00/1923 (Oddfellow)
McCartney Martha E.  00/00/1863 00/00/1943 (s/w William W. McCartney)
McCartney William W. 00/00/1863 00/00/1942 (s/w Martha E. McCartney)
McGouhey Carl Wilson Dr.   00/00/1932 (s/w Rae T. McGouhey)
McGouhey Rae T.   00/00/1935 (s/w Dr. Carl Wilson McGouhey)
Mengler Henry A. 2/28/1860 6/28/1927 (Masonic & Oddfellow) Native of Germany (s/w Lucy A. Mengler)
Mengler Lucy A. 10/14/1863 5/3/1939 (s/w Henry A. Mengler)
Miland Rosalie May Strang 6/18/1934 6/19/2003 (s/w David Leon Miland)
Nisbet Andrew 5/27/1873 2/24/1947 (Masonic)
Nisbet Edith Pearl 00/00/1889 00/00/1967  
Nisbet Helen 6/24/1839 1/2/1909 Native of Scotland (s/w John Nisbet and 3 children: Infant Son, Robert and Thomas Nisbet)
Nisbet Infant Son 12/8/1860 12/9/1860 Children of J. & H. Nisbet (s/w John, Helen, Robert and Thomas Nisbet)
Nisbet John 3/14/1822 5/5/1895 Native of Scotland (s/w Helen Nisbet and 3 children: Infant Son, Robert and Thomas Nisbet)
Nisbet Robert   10/28/1888 2/3/1889 Bertie Infant Son of J.G. & Marion Nisbet
Nisbet Robert W. 11/17/1861 12/11/1871 Children of J. & H. Nisbet (s/w Helen, John, Infant Son and Thomas Nisbet)
Nisbet Thomas 9/27/1865 10/30/1869 Children of J. & H. Nisbet (s/w Helen, John, Infant Son and Robert Nisbet)
Reese Dave A. 5/11/1868 2/17/1937  
Stemple Fredereke   3/1/1873 Aged 24 Years 10 Mo's & 4 days   Native of Dessau. Germany
Strang Clifton L. 2/12/1909 9/26/1955 (s/w Mary D. Strang)
Strang Eliza J. 7/16/1859 12/29/1886 Wife of R.J. Strang Native of California
Strang Floyd Enos 7/7/1899 3/2/1974 Dad
Strang Freddie E. 11/6/1889 6/1/1896  
Strang George Hunter 11/17/1858 11/23/1939  
Strang Janet 7/28/1830 1/31/1892 Wife of R. Strang Native of Scotland
Strang Joseph E. 6/13/1870 4/22/1959  
Strang Katie G. 00/00/1864 00/00/1950 Mother  
Strang Laura V. Allison 00/00/1914 00/00/1983  
Strang Leila E. 00/00/1885 00/00/1960 Sister
Strang Lois L. 3/19/1928 10/20/2000 Wife & Mother
Strang Mary D. 1/23/1882 9/4/1957 (s/w Clifton L. Strang)
Strang Robert J. 3/26/1857 3/4/1941 Native of California
Strang Robt. 2/29/1820 5/13/1900 Native of Scotland
Stroever Chas. H. 9/27/1863 2/10/1905 (W.O.W.) Aged 41 Yrs. 4 Mos. 13 dys.
Stroever Minna M. 00/00/1868 00/00/1936  
Stroever Willie C. 12/28/1897 3/11/1898 Aged 2 mos. 11 dys.
Tegrunde H. 00/00/1833 00/00/1932  
Tegrunde Herman W. 7/17/1852 5/21/1942 Father (s/w Katie M. Tegrunde)
Tegrunde Katie M. 3/24/1862 11/18/1943 Mother (s/w Herman W. Tegrunde)
Tharraldson Knute   12/5/1909 Aged 66 Years Native of N.Y.
Unk Elma     Age 21 Yrs (Right of Edgar B. Williams and left of Margaret L. James)
White Frances 00/00/1835 00/00/1915 Mother (In the "White" family plot)
White Henry C. 00/00/1835 00/00/1912 Father (In the "White" family plot)
White Henry W. 00/00/1869 00/00/1937 (In the "White" family plot)
White Jennie 00/00/1871 00/00/1888 (In the "White" family plot)
White Johnnie 00/00/1862 00/00/1888 (In the "White" family plot)
White Louellen 00/00/1867 00/00/1869 (In the "White" family plot)
Willcox Frederick William 2/14/1883 6/6/1961 (Masonic) Age 78
Willcox R. Dell Hall 5/14/1904 4/13/2004  
Williams Edgar B.   5/22/1933 Age 48 Yrs. California Sgt. Med. Dept. (s/w Roy Williams) (per 1900 census Roy is Edgar's older brother by 1 year)
Williams Lloyd 3/8/1891 2/7/1894 Infant Son of T. & M.A. Williams (s/w Mary A. Williams)
Williams Mary A. 4/6/1860 9/17/1893 Wife of T. Williams (s/w Lloyd Williams)
Williams Roy     Age 26 Yrs (s/w Edgar B. Williams) (per 1900 census Roy born abt 1884 and is Edgar B. Williams older brother)