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Alameda County Cemetery Records

Saint Mary's Cemetery
File Description Size Date
St Marys 2K Jun 2007
St Marys-ad-part1 108K Jun 2007
St Marys-ek-part1 97K Jun 2007
St Marys-part2-ag.txt               89K Jun 2007
St Marys-part2-hq.txt              93K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part2-rz.txt              47K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part3-ac.txt              93K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part3-dg.txt               84K Jun 2006
St Marys-part3-hl.txt             86K  May 2007
St Marys-part3-mn.txt               74K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part3-or.txt              67K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part3-sz.txt              76K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part4-ab.txt               107K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part4-c.txt              105K Jun 2006
St Marys-part4-de.txt               77K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part4-fg.txt               111K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part4-hk.txt              99K May 2007
St Marys-part4-l.txt               45K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part4-m.txt               132K Jun 2006
St Marys-part4-nq.txt               96K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part4-r.txt               50K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part4-s.txt                85K  Jun 2006
St Marys-part4-tz.txt              70K  Jun 2006
St Marys-pz-part1.txt           99K Jun 2006

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