St. Mary's Cemetery

4529 Howe Street
Oakland, Alameda Co., CA 94611

(510) 654-0936
Partial Transcription

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COLBORN, William 1888 1938 Joseph & Mary Rupprecht and Rose O'Connor
FROMME, August 1888 195?

GARCIA, Albert Enos

Aged 3Y | Carolina & Albert E. Garcia and Magdelena Martin V|18|#190
GARCIA, Carolina
08/04/1954 Manual &Albert E. Garcia and Magdelena Martin V|18|#190
GARCIA, Manuel M.
11/02/1921 Aged 59 | A native of Portugal | Carolina & Albert E. Garcia and Magdelena Martin V|18|#190
GERG, George M. 1893 1956 In Loving Memory | Mayme A.
GERG, Mayme A. 1892 1984 In Loving Memory | George M.
GINI, Clementina 1862 1947

GRACE, Frances 1912 1920 Manuel & Mary
GRACE, Julian A. 1860 1950 Marie T.
GRACE, Manuel 1898 1942 Frances & Mary
GRACE, Marie T. 1874 1933 Julian A.
GRACE, Mary 1880 1954 Frances & Manuel
GUEREQUE, Anastacia 05/02/1882 05/12/1958

MARTIN, Magdelena C.
02/26/1919 Aged 6Y | Carolina, Albert E. & Manuel Garcia V|18|#190
MARTINEZ, Isaac 1882 1939 Teresa V|48|#49
MARTINEZ, Teresa 1884 1961 Isaac V|48|#49
McNAMARA, Alyn 7/30/1914 10/9/1986 Rest in Peace | Bernadette
McNAMARA, Bernadette 4/23/1915 2/21/1991 Rest in Peace | Alyn
O'CONNOR, Rose 1892 1944 Joseph & Mary Rupprecht and William Colborn
PACHECO, Dora G. 1916 1964 Que en paz descanse
RUPPRECHT, Joseph 1854 1922 Mary Rupprecht, Rose O'Connor & William Colborn
RUPPRECHT, Mary 1849 1936 Joseph Rupprecht, Rose O'Connor & William Colborn

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