Chapel of the Chimes Columbarium & Mausoleum

4499 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, Alameda Co., CA 94611 | (510) 654-0123

Partial Transcription

Chapel of Chimes Entrance
Chapel of Memories Entrance
Chapel of Memories Map
Fountain Wall
Chapel of Memories Columbarium
Sanctuary of Contentment
BECKMAN, Louis 1876 1963
BECKMAN, Sophie 1896 1988
BOYES, Allen H. 1893 1973
Violet M. & Matilda P.
BOYES, Matilda P. 1912 1990
Allen H. & Violet M.
BOYES, Violet May 1898 1954
Allen H. & Matilda P.
DYSON, Beatrice

Dates illegible | George
DYSON, George 1885 1967
GILLETTE, Annie 1858 1909

HINCH, Edward M. 1872 1941 Garden of Serenity|South|5|#2 Grace M.
HINCH, Grace M. 1874 1948 Garden of Serenity|South|5|#2 Edward M.
PARRY, Frances

PARRY, Fredwin

RASSETTE, Mary Elizabeth, Esq. 1926 1989

RASSETTE, Reginald E. 1950 1982

TISCORNIA, Elsie Rebecca 1881 1978 Chapel of the Psalm|North|4/5|#3/4 Frank E. & Oliver R.
TISCORNIA, Emily C. 1913 1974 Chapel of the Psalm|North|4/5|#3/4
TISCORNIA, Frank 1905 1998 Chapel of the Psalm|North|4/5|#3/4
TISCORNIA, Frank Elmer 1882 1922 Chapel of the Psalm|North|4/5|#3/4 Elsie R. & Oliver R.
TISCORNIA, Oliver Reginald 1908 1976 Chapel of the Psalm|North|4/5|#3/4 Frank E. & Elsie R.
VALDEZ, Albert 1921 1945
Jose, Amarante & Nettie
VALDEZ, Amarante 1893 1958
Jose, Albert, & Nettie
VALDEZ, Jose E. 1869 1939
Albert, Amarante & Nettie
VALDEZ, Nettie 1898 1968
Jose, Albert, & Amarante

Contributed to the CA Tombstone Transcription Project by:
Kay Arnold (, David Ball & Denise Armstrong

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