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Drew County Cemetery Photographs

This page was last updated: 29 December 2017

Old Troy Cemetery
Line, Arkasas was a small town that sat "square on the line" of Ashley & Drew County. My father was born there in 1923. The town is now gone, & loggers own the land. This old church is one of the few remaining structures.
Stones here are for Eli T. & Emma C. Burney (the only doctor in the town of Line - he delivered my father), their son Edwin T. Burney, Luene Haley (my father's cousin - she taught school at Arkansas City for many years), her parents Lee E. & Sarah Maude (Bawcom) Haley, Betty Joan Rosson (a child's grave located right by the Church's back door), & the rusty metal sign that marks the site at Old Troy. New Troy Cemetery is down the road from here. [Dian]

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