Posted Queries for May 1999


HARPER posted by Tammy DeVasure on Saturday, May 1, 1999

Submitter:  Tammy DeVasure (cbraden@mindspring.com)
Date:  30 Apr 1999

i am looking for any info on my gggrandfather john castleton HARPER He was born nov 20,1872 i dont know where he was born but he died apr 6 1949 in jeff. co alabama very anxious to find out his birthplace and his parents names. he had charles frank,john earnest,mabel dean,mary francis,lawrence,carrie ruth,with my gggrandmother mabel gertrude blake harper all born in alabama, and had william m. and sewell ? with a first wife. any info deeply appreciated.
CARROLL, LARKIN posted by Mike Johnson on Saturday, May 1, 1999

Submitter:  Mike Johnson (MJ1319@Aol.com)
Date:  30 Apr 1999

Looking for any information regarding the Families of Dr. Carroll or John Larkin, or Hannah Larkin, possibly in Alabama around the 1840's or 1850's. 
BOOTH posted by Kay Armstrong Lee on Monday, May 3, 1999

Surnames:  BOOTH 
Submitter:  Kay Armstrong Lee (freddielee@watervalley.net)
Date:  02 May 1999

Nathaniel Booth & wife Hermina Braning or Branham or Brannan were married about 1834 in GA, moved shortly thereafter & settled in GA where their children were born. Then they moved to MS in 1860. Does anyone know anything about them? They were my great=great-grandparents. 
CHASTANG, GABRIEL posted by Llana Dyess on Monday, May 3, 1999

Submitter:  Llana Dyess (medinaAa-omega.net)
Date:  02 May 1999
URL:  none

CHASTANG, Joseph Pierre (about 1736 - 1815) married Jeanne GABRIEL (1739 - ?) on Nov. 6, 1760. Jeanne was a native of Mobile. Joseph Pierre was an early settler along the Mobile River and acquired land above the City of Mobile, but our information is not clear as to what county the land was in.
PRESCOTT posted by Suzy Skrobarcek on Monday, May 3, 1999

Surnames:  PRESCOTT 
Submitter:  Suzy Skrobarcek (sskrob@aol.com)
Date:  02 May 1999

I am looking for info on my gggrandfather, Aaron Prescott born in Alabama approx 1830-1835. I don't have any info on his parents, but already know what happened to him after leaving Alabama. Thanks.
DILLARD, TUNSTALL posted by Mary Geist on Monday, May 3, 1999

Submitter:  Mary Geist (geist@telpage.net)
Date:  02 May 1999

Would like to find an ancestor who divided her time between Mobile and "Carney Station" AL about 1900. A widow, Mary (Molly) Tunstall Dillard had Tunstall kin in Baldwin Co., but where is/was Carney Station? She died between 1910 and 1920. Would like to know death date and where buried. Any info appreciated.
ABERNATHY, ARGO, BELCHER, FULGHAM, MEEKS, SMITHERMAN posted by Paula Meeks on Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Submitter:  Paula Meeks (pmeeks@pwadc.com)
Date:  03 May 1999

Looking for information on my family. My father Woodrow Wilson Belcher, Mother Frances Ada Smitherman. 
BOWERS posted by Berna Sprinkles on Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Surnames:  BOWERS 
Submitter:  Berna Sprinkles (cbsprink@flash.net)
Date:  03 May 1999

Looking for information on William Bowers, married Lucretia ? in Ala abt 1846, had child Mary Jane b 1847 Ala moved to Ark & had 2 more children Emmaline & Jesse. also Simpson Bowers who lived with Wm family in Ark in 1850 - I found his marriage to Julie Ann Wade in Ala 1854 Any info appreciated, thanks
JULIAN, JULLIN, PALMERTREE posted by RWedgeworth on Wednesday, May 5, 1999

Submitter:  RWedgeworth (RWedgworth@aol.com)
Date:  04 May 1999

I am looking for information on PIERIE THOMAS JULIAN(JULLIN) He married EMMA PALMERTREE from Attala Co Ms around 1910. They had a son named Clarence and a daughter named Maye. Both children were born in Al .Emma came back to Ms and Pierie Thomas vanished. Anyone with any of these names in their family please let me know. I am at a brick wall.
MCCOY posted by Jan on Wednesday, May 5, 1999

Surnames:  MCCOY 
Submitter:  Jan (jmacfarland@hotmail.com)
Date:  04 May 1999

Looking for Nancie ? (b. Oct. 1826) married to a MCCOY before 1854 in AL. Nancie and MCCOY both born in AL. Nancie's parents born in GA. This couple had at least one child, Stephen, born April 1854 in AL. Should appear in 1860 census, but I'm in Montana and can't look. Any help appreciated. Jan
TOULMIN, TREMLETT posted by Sue Rydberg Canavan on Wednesday, May 5, 1999

Submitter:  Sue Rydberg Canavan (canavania@earthlink.net)
Date:  04 May 1999

My ancestor was Harry Toulmin, a veritable Renaissance man and a jurist who helped write the constitution for AL. He was very involved with the territory and its transition into statehood. I am looking for any information about him and especially a picture of him - and/or his family. I would love to find a genealogist "cousin". My address is 4714 Woodview Dr. Santa Rosa, CA 95405 phone 707 545 8838 
MOORE posted by McAnalley on Wednesday, May 5, 1999

Surnames:  MOORE 
Submitter:  McAnalley (johensle@hiwaay.com)
Date:  05 May 1999

COKER, CONN, IRON posted by Peggy Conn Burley on Thursday, May 6, 1999

Submitter:  Peggy Conn Burley (myfmly@usa.net)
Date:  05 May 1999
URL:  http://members.tripod.com/~Behaviorella/gen.html

I am looking for information on COKER. My 4th Great Grandmother was Vashtigera Coker daughter of Dempsy Coker and Linda Iron. I know Vashtigera was born somewhere in Alabama about 1825. Vashti married William Alexander Conn. Any info is greatly appreciated.
EVANS, SMITH posted by Raymond Anderson on Friday, May 7, 1999

Surnames:  SMITH EVANS 
Submitter:  Raymond Anderson (adunits@pair.com)
Date:  06 May 1999

SMITH nad EVANS Looking for my 2G Grandparents. "J.T." SMITH who married Sou/Sue EVANS. JT was born in Georgia and it's believed he was born ABOUT 1828. Sou/Sue (EVANS)SMITH was also born in Georgia and is believed she was born ABOUT 1833. They had my 1G Grandfather "WA" William Ansyln/Aslam SMITH. "WA" was born 1-4-1857 in Alabama. Please email me. Any information will be most helpful. Thank You. adunits@pair.com Ray Anderson
WHITFIELD posted by B.C.Glisson on Friday, May 7, 1999

Surnames:  WHITFIELD 
Submitter:  B.C.Glisson Jr. (2glisson@gte.net)
Date:  06 May 1999
URL:  UsGenWeb

looking for info on Dudley Harvey Whitfield.left Emanuel Co. Ga. in the middle 1920's.Was suppose to have wound up in Mobile, Al. left a family in Ga., and raised a new one in Mobile.Think he left there and went to the panhandle or north central Fl. Was some talk that he was seen around Mobile driving Bonnie & Clydes shot up car.. 85 year old son needs some closure on him. B.C.(Whitfield) Glisson... 2glisson@gte.net
posted by Barbara S on Saturday, May 8, 1999

Submitter:  Barbara S. (Bamb00@bellsouth.net)
Date:  07 May 1999

Where is Camilia, Alabama?
SKINNER posted by Harold Gosnell on Saturday, May 8, 1999

Surnames:  SKINNER 
Submitter:  Harold Gosnell (gosnell@worldnetla.net )
Date:  08 May 1999

I am looking for information on the parents of Augustus Skinner born 1848 in Al., County unknown. He moved to East Texas then to Louisiana.
BROREN, BROSEN, BROWN, WILSON posted by Rickanna Brown Lambert on Sunday, May 9, 1999

Submitter:  Rickanna Brown Lambert (ricpen@ntws.net)
Date:  08 May 1999
URL:  http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Trail/2845/

I am seeking info on a William H BROWN b.18 mar 1813 family, his wife was Lucy WILSON b. 11 July 1817. They had 5 children: Mary Ann b. 1838, Naomi b. 1840, Asa Aaron b. 26 Jan 1843, Martha Josiephine b. 23 Feb 1845, John W b. 1848, Joseph b. 1851, Sciota F b. 1853. I found them in the 1850 Lauderdale Co, TN Census. Everyone was listed as being born in Tenn, except Mary Ann she was listed as being born in Alabama. Can some one help me? Why were they in Alabama when she was born? Did they have relatives there? I am looking for the Siblings of William H. I believe that his father's name was Asa and his mother's was Mary Broren or Brosen? Thanks
HAZEL, JAMES, LOVING, MACK posted by diana on Sunday, May 9, 1999

Submitter:  diana (lovingdi55@aol.com)
Date:  08 May 1999

I'm looking for information about james loving born in kingston alabama in 1901.
HARRIS posted by Gary Brooks on Monday, May 10, 1999

Surnames:  HARRIS 
Submitter:  Gary Brooks (tobi@vol.com)
Date:  09 May 1999

Looking for info on Charles Harris,born abt. 1850 who was to have died on Sandmountian sometime just before or after 1900. Don't know what county. Charles and Mary Teems Harris are in Gilmer Co. GA. in the 1870 Census, but have not found them again untill after 1900 in Walker Co. GA., and then Charles is not with them. Trying to find any info on Charles that I can. In Gilmer Co GA. A Polly Harris age 56 is living with them and could possibly be his mother.Charles and Mary's Children were, William, Teak, George, Wofford, Lynns, Essie and Ada harris. Thanks for any help you may offer.
CANTRELL, COCHRAN, LEWIS, SCARBOROUGH, YEILDING posted by keith cantrell on Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Submitter:  keith cantrell (outlaw@pepperlink.net)
Date:  11 May 1999

Was previously searching for Dan Henry Cantrell parents. I have found them William McCray Cantrell was his father. His moms names was Rachael ,and her maiden name was (Lewis). I would like to out any information, that I could about (the parents of William G. and Rachael).
BOOTH, JOST, PHILLIPS posted by Ron Jost on Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Submitter:  Ron Jost (ron5927@netins.net)
Date:  12 May 1999

Looking for family of Dalmeda Booth. Parents were John W. Booth and Nancy Phillips, all from Alabama, Co. unknown. Dalmeda was b. November 26, 1846 d. March 23, 1915. She m. Jacob Jost and lived in Butler Co., Iowa. I am curious as to how the two met.-----Ron
MILLER posted by James Graner on Thursday, May 13, 1999

Surnames:  MILLER 
Submitter:  James Graner (father@larned.com)
Date:  12 May 1999

Wish to find Miller family. Mr. Miller would have to be somewhere around 70+ at this writing. Know he had a daughter that would be @ 49 or 50 now. Do not know if Mr. Miller was born in Alabame but suspect he was. 
HOWARD, PUTMAN, SMITH posted by Theresa Crail on Thursday, May 13, 1999

Submitter:  Theresa Crail (tcrail@gte.net)
Date:  12 May 1999

Searching for James Smith born 1830, Harry Putman and C.B. Howard. Know they were in GA, AL, KY and IN. James had a son, James A. Smith. Any information would be appreciated.
ILLSLEL, STEVENSON posted by Randy Weatherby on Thursday, May 13, 1999

Submitter:  Randy Weatherby (rweatherby@ns.sympatico.ca)
Date:  12 May 1999

My gg-grandfather RR Stevenson married Frances Illsley in Sumpter in 1863. I need to know where to find info on them. Randy
HIGGINBOTHAM posted by Elizabeth Bailey on Friday, May 14, 1999

Submitter:  Elizabeth Bailey (jebailey@ocsnet.net)
Date:  13 May 1999

Am searching for A Lulu Emily Higgentotham b. 18 Nov., 1875 Alabama. Anything on Lulu & her family would be helpful. Thanks.
EAVES, SOLOMAN posted by David A. Eaves on Friday, May 14, 1999

Submitter:  David A. Eaves (deaves@gate.net)
Date:  13 May 1999

I am looking for info on a W/M Soloman Eaves born Al cir 1797, married a W/F Sarah (unknown) migrated to St. Francios County Mo around the early 1820's.
CHRISENBERRY, ROMINES posted by Charles W. Elkins on Saturday, May 15, 1999

Submitter:  Charles Elkins (elkins2@prodigy.net)
Date:  15 May 1999

Looking for H.F . Chrisenberry 1849-1927 and any relationship to. Nancy Chrisenberry (Romines)
CASH posted by Bonnie Bunch on Sunday, May 16, 1999

Surnames:  CASH 
Submitter:  Bonnie Bunch (Bbunche@aol.com)
Date:  15 May 1999

Am looking for the surname CASH. W. R. Cash dob:8-13-1863 Alabama? Died Dec. 3, 1931 in Franklin Co. Texas and buried at Old Union Cemetery in Bowie County, Texas at New Boston, Texas. Would appreciate any help on this. Thanks, bonnie bunch
BOUTWELL posted by Casey L. Hanley on Sunday, May 16, 1999

Submitter:  Casey L. Hanley (contact@tcequestrian.com)
Date:  15 May 1999

BOUTWELL, James M: I am searching for family history relating to James M. Boutwell. The 1910 Census Soundex for Mississippi lists James as 39 years old with a birthplace in Alabama. His wife's name was Laura, but there was nothing to indicate her birthplace or maiden name. Any information about the Boutwell family would be appreciated.
KING posted by Geraldine King on Monday, May 17, 1999

Submitter:  Geraldine King (Cookie@oakhurst.net)
Date:  16 May 1999
URL:  http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/k/i/n/Geraldine King/

KING, James Nathaniel born about 1840 in Alabama. Died about 1930 in Morgan or Lawrence county. Can not find Death certificate. Two of his sons, Nathaniel and William Ludy were born in Limestone County [1883 & 1886] and in 1900 moved to Oklahoma. He was married to a Mary Emaline and than a Nancy Brown from Georgia. His father was from Ireland and his mother was a native American [Cherokee?] Any information regarding this man and family would be greatly appreciated. 
ANDERSON posted by Kassene Anderson on Monday, May 17, 1999

Surnames:  ANDERSON 
Submitter:  Kassene Anderson (Wheelstia@aol.com)
Date:  16 May 1999

I am looking for information on my great grandfather, Rashell (Rash) Anderson born in Alabama May 3,1890?, died April 18,1962. Looking for his father's and mother's name, and town/city of where he was born.
KINCHELOE, PEPPERS posted by Cat Lester on Monday, May 17, 1999

Submitter:  Cat Lester (lester@indian-creek.net)
Date:  16 May 1999

Looking for info on a Elizabeth Jane Kincheloe or Eveline Kincheloe b: abt 1821 married to William M. (or J.) Peppers b: Jan. 10, 1817 in Tenn., d:: June 25, 1888 in Texas. I know they had a daughter, Mary Jane Peppers, b: Aug. 26, 1841 in Tex. d: Jan. 16, 1929 in Robstown, Texas. She married a Henry Jefferson Dawson. 
BARRY, BERRT, DEARMAN posted by froggie on Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Submitter:  froggie (froggie@lcc.net)
Date:  17 May 1999

I have been hunting family information for quite a few years. I have had tremendous bad luck when it comes to the family of John Henry Dearman. I have little information to go on and no family to help in the information area. I am turning to the reshearchers of the list, and to those that are more experianced. I need help, and thank each of you before hand, On the 1920 Washington Co. Ala I found him as a 14 year old. Head of house is listed as John Dearman. b.1871 There are other Dearman next door and assume they are relatives. George Dearman and James Dearman. His mother is listed as Emma Dearman b. 1880 Sisters are listed as , Annie,May,Mary, Agness,Estelle Brothers are listed as , Verdy ? I need to find out who John Henry Dearman Jr. married. I think it was Ola Mae Berry/Barry or the last name could have been Johnson. I guess him to marry about 1924 to 1930 as My mother was born 1931. I do beleive there was a child or two before her. Thank you for helping. Froggie 
MOORE-I posted by Jeannie Williford on Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Submitter:  Jeannie Williford (jwillif797@aol.com)
Date:  17 May 1999

MOORE-I am looking for Lewis or Louis Moore. I know nothing of his family, i would like to get in contact with someone who knows of this family. I do know that Lewis Moore married Catherine Nancy Scarbourgh in Perry co., Al. I do know they went to Texas after 1860. Any help will be appreciated.
GODWIN, WHITTINGTON posted by Dalina Stevens on Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Submitter:  Dalina Stevens (Dtsbws@aol.com)
Date:  17 May 1999

I am looking for the parents of Levina C. Whittington born in June 1831 in Al. She married Jacob G.Godwin in 1850 Chattanoga, Tn. and died in Whitesboro, Tx. Would really like to know her parents and a birth date if possible. Any help appreciated. 
INGLE, WILLIAMS posted by Anita Page on Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Submitter:  Anita Page (rspage@gilanet.com)
Date:  18 May 1999

Lemuel Thomas Williams from AL m. Bertha Ingle from Al in MS 1844. I need info an these people, Thankyou Anita Page
STANSELL posted by Ron Stansell on Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Surnames:  STANSELL 
Submitter:  Ron Stansell (rstansell@airnet.net)
Date:  18 May 1999

I am looking for any information related to RILEY DAVID STANSELL(1856-1919), or his father JOHN WESLEY STANSELL(8/84- 5/66). I am told by my elders that Riley David was the first to move to the Cullman, Alabama area from Georgia.
HOLLIDAY, JONES posted by Jeff Nix on Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Submitter:  Jeff Nix (Nixaroonie@aol.com)
Date:  19 May 1999

Looking for the burial site of James M. Holliday and his wife Eliza (Lousia) (Jones) Holliday. Last known to be in Girard, Phenix City Alabama around 1900.
BUYCK, GRAHAM, HOLLINQUEST posted by Linda Watkins on Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Submitter:  Linda Watkins (lwatkins@central.uh.edu)
Date:  19 May 1999

Searching for Buyck, Graham and Hollinquest family members of AL. A few names I have are: Flora Graham, mother to Adam and Emma Graham. Emma Graham married Robert Buyck. Robert Buyck's mother was Adeline Buyck. Some Hollinquest names I have are Syms married to Harriet; Henry (or HC) married to Lela Buyck (daughter of Robert and Emma Buyck). All of these families, possibly, came from SC.
MONTGOMERY posted by John Montgomery on Wednesday, May 19, 1999

Surnames:  MONTGOMERY 
Submitter:  John Montgomery (oicu812@ixlmemphis.com)
Date:  19 May 1999

Looking for the county that my grandfather was born in. Born in Landerville,Ala
CHAMBLES, CHAMBLESS, CHAMBLIS, CHAMBLISS, DICKSON, DIXON posted by Donna Dickson Chambliss on Friday, May 21, 1999

Submitter:  Donna Dickson Chambliss (DCsWorld2@aol.com)
Date:  20 May 1999

I am researching the Chambliss', and Dickson's out of Mississippi. I have followed E.J. Dickson into Alabama, county is unknown, also, have followed Patrick Chambliss into Alabama, county unknown. I would appreciate any info. on these families. Thank YOu, Donna Dickson Chambliss 
CLONCH posted by Bobbi Stephens on Friday, May 21, 1999

Surnames:  CLONCH 
Submitter:  Bobbi Stephens (Rlosteph@aol.com)
Date:  20 May 1999
URL:  http://www.

looking for information on a Harvy Clonch who was living in Alabama on the 1840 census at cods 286 Sackapar. I dont know what county that would be called today? Thank you. 
GORDON posted by Joyce Stark on Friday, May 21, 1999

Surnames:  GORDON 
Submitter:  Joyce Stark (CBStark@aol.com)
Date:  20 May 1999

In 1840 James C. Gordon was living in the home of his father Richard Gordon in Jackson Co., TN. In 1850 he was head of household in Jackson Co., TN, with his wife Rebecca J. and son James W. Gordon who was born in Alabama. It is possible he was visiting Gordon relatives who might have migrated west from Franklin Co., GA. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Joyce
PARKER posted by Tommie Hoffman on Friday, May 21, 1999

Surnames:  PARKER 
Submitter:  Tommie Hoffman (tommieh@flash.net)
Date:  20 May 1999

PARKER FAMILY: David b. ca. 1805 SC and Elizabeth Parker b. ca. 1808 SC had first six children in Alabama seventh in LA and the last five in TX. Children born in Alabama between 1829 and 1838 were Silas, Tabitha, John, Josiah, Sterling, and Elizabeth. Child born in LA was Julius and those born in Texas were Julia ann, LeGrande, Thomas, Prudence Jane (my Great Great Grandmother) and David. Does anyone recognize this family? I would appreciate any help. Tommie Hoffman
HAMILTON posted by Tiffany Hamilton on Saturday, May 22, 1999

Surnames:  HAMILTON 
Submitter:  Tiffany Hamilton (Atriema@aol.com)
Date:  21 May 1999

Hello, I am looking for any info on John Thomas Hamilton born 11-11-1871 in Alabama, at some point he moved to Texas, not sure when. Sorry I dont know who his parents were. Thanks

Submitter:  Wendy KING Henderson (trutest@hotmail.com)
Date:  21 May 1999

Searching for the Scots-Irish parents of Thomas Iverson KING b. 1809 ?GA-1858 LA. 1st child-Francis Iverson KING-female, 2nd William Henry KING, 9th John Benjamin T. KING(my line)->James Samuel E. KING,SR->JR->William Roy KING. My father & I have donated TIK & Lucy's 1830's Appalachian Uplander dogtrot log cabin & Barn to the Mile Branch Settlement on the Washington Parish Fairgrounds in Franklinton, LA. I found surnames-KING, Bickham, Roberts in Pontotoc co. MS. The Bickham family came from Burke co. GA. I have found several Iversons & KINGs (proximal) in 1820's GA census's. Any direction or assistance would be much appreciated. We have ruled out connection with the Jersey Settlers in Natchez, MS. Thanks in advance, Wendy KING Henderson trutest@hotmail.com
FARMER posted by Jeanie Crisp on Monday, May 24, 1999

Surnames:  FARMER 
Submitter:  Jeanie Crisp (MrsCritter@aol.com)
Date:  23 May 1999
URL:  //members.aol.com/mrscritter/MySouthernHeritageindex.html

Searching for information on John A. Farmer...born about 1853 Alabama...unknown county or town. John had at least one known sibling...a brother...that the family called Babe. ANY info on this family would be appreciated.
SHELTON posted by Vera S. Luna on Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Surnames:  SHELTON 
Submitter:  Vera S. Luna (Budwyk@aol.com)
Date:  24 May 1999

James M. Shelton b. c. 1800,KY Married Bathsheba unknown in AL, abt. 1838. Their oldest son, Marion b. AL, abt 1839. I would really love to learn Bathsheba's maiden name, and any other information regarding this family would be most appreciated. The family eventually imigrated to AR.
LUCAS, LUCUS posted by Lucas James on Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Surnames:  LUCAS OR LUCUS 
Submitter:  Lucas James (lucas.james@cwix.com)
Date:  24 May 1999

Circa 1790 there was a William Lucas living on the Tensaw River. Does anyone have any information about this man and any family he may have had? Thanks for any information. Lucas james 
PERKINS posted by W. L. Bryant on Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Submitter:  W. L. Bryant (downhome@bellsouth.net)
Date:  24 May 1999
URL:  don't know what that is 

Looking for Mortimer Perkins, long dead, had son named Solly Howard Perkins, now dead. had grandson of mortimer named Solly Howard Perkins Jr., dead five years at age 72 + or minus one or two. Anything on Mortimer? Ala. resident, probably in South Alabama. I don't know what you mean by surnames.
BETANCOURT posted by pat betancourt malala on Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Submitter:  pat betancourt malala (hawiianholiday@prodigy.net)
Date:  25 May 1999

am looking for any info on a manuel betancourt, born in cuba and emigrated to the us, unknown what port of entry. also raised a family somewhere in alabama.
EADY posted by kim young on Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Surnames:  EADY 
Submitter:  kim young (painter@key-net.net)
Date:  25 May 1999

I am looking for information on a Mittie Loreen Eady. She was born January 05, 1883. She married Samuel Towner. They were in the area of Athens, Alabama. This is where my grandmother in law was born. 
PICKLE posted by Robert pickle on Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Submitter:  Robert pickle (robertpickle@yahoo.com)
Date:  25 May 1999

birth and death date for W.R. Pickle death some time mid 30s
BENNETT, BOZEMAN, KING, POWELL, STANDFORD, TRIMM posted by Lanna Trimm on Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Submitter:  Lanna Trimm (cinemachi@aol.com)
Date:  25 May 1999

I am trying to trace my family roots. My great gradfather was a Bennett who married a Powell. My other great grandfather was a Bozeman who married a King. On my other side my grandfather was Raymond W. Trimm and he married Annie Louise Stanford. Any assistance on finding my history would be appreciated.
BENNETT, BOZEMAN, KING, POWELL, STANDFORD, TRIMM posted by Lanna Trimm on Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Submitter:  Lanna Trimm (cinemachi@aol.com)
Date:  25 May 1999

I am trying to trace my family roots. My great gradfather was a Bennett who married a Powell. My other great grandfather was a Bozeman who married a King. On my other side my grandfather was Raymond W. Trimm and he married Annie Louise Stanford. Any assistance on finding my history would be appreciated.
PALMER, PALMORE posted by Mark Palmer on Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Submitter:  Mark Palmer (mpalmer@iquest.net)
Date:  25 May 1999

I have a copy of the 1880 Knox County, Indiana census. It shows that my ancestor, Granville (or Grandville) H. Palmer (maybe Palmore) was 39 years of age and was born in Alabama. That would make his year of birth in 1841. The records also indicate that both of his parents were born in North Carolina. I have a copy of a marriage his license from Knox County dated 1872.
SANDERS posted by Alice Seibert on Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Surnames:  SANDERS 
Submitter:  Alice Seibert (aseibert@cvn.net)
Date:  25 May 1999

Joshua Sanders b 1833 d 1876 in Illinois Civil War Muster records have him as being born in Alabama Looking for his parents or siblings
COYLE posted by Rose Ziesemer on Thursday, May 27, 1999

Surnames:  COYLE 
Submitter:  Rose Ziesemer (lakerose@risecom.net)
Date:  26 May 1999

COYLE family, specifically, Richard Coyle, born before 1860?, married a Georgia?, moved to Panola County, Texas.
FLOYD, LESSLEY posted by Theo Creel Manning on Thursday, May 27, 1999

Submitter:  Theo Creel Manning (theocm@aol.com)
Date:  26 May 1999

Searching for information on John W. Floyd d.1924 and his wife Irene Lessley d. early 1930's.
HENDRIX, MEDLEY posted by Dorie Perez on Thursday, May 27, 1999

Submitter:  Dorie Perez (doriep@netscape.net)
Date:  26 May 1999

I would like to know something about my paternal family. The surnames are Hendrix and Medley (grandparents). My grandfather, William Laburn Hendrix, was a farmer near Dothan (about early 1960s). He was married to Florence Bertha Medley. Their children were William Brady (my father), married Vera Eunice Curry; Okada, married Leonard Parramore; Maydie, married "Buck" Smith; Lavada, married Arch Merritt; and twin sons, Clyrus (aka Rick) who married Barbara from Montana and Cletus who married Betty. 

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