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Stone Cemetery Photos

The Stone Cemetery is located in Northeast Lowndes County on property currently owned by General Electric and next to Warren Stone's home, Magnolia Crest.

It can be found about 5 tenths of a mile west of the junction of a small paved road (with blocked access at present junction )that intersects Alabama Highway 36 about 2 tenths of a mile south of the of Old Selma Road and Highway 36.  The cemeteryis on the south side of the road just east of the Stone Mansion.
This cemetery was surveyed in October 1999 by Jeannie Kirk of Selma, Alabama, and Robert and Martha Graves of Fort Worth, Texas and was surveyed again by Elizabeth Meriwether of Fort Worth, Texas in April 2000. This was compared to a survey done during the depression and available in the Alabama Archives, Montgomery. The only grave not found in the 1999 - 2000 surveys is noted by ** in the listing below. This stone is most likely buried now asthere were other stones found and unearthed, but not this one.

Photos were taken by Robert Graves and Beth Meriwether
Photos were submitted by Beth Meriwether.

 Genealogical information was added by Carolyn Golowka and Beth Meriwether
This information came from Bible, census, and marriage records and is in parenthesis ( ).

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Brick wall surrounding the cemetery

This family cemetery is a fairly large one and is surrounded by a brick wall (this photo) that is at least 5' high. 


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This is Magnolia Crest, the home of Warren Stone.  This house was probably
built in the early 1820s as he came to Alabama from GA about 1818.  The
cemetery is located about 200 yards east of the house and near the road. 
Just past the cemetery on the opposite side of the road is a beautiful chapel
that was a private church belonging Warren Stone.  It looks like it would
hold 100-150 people. The Stone's were very devout Methodists and
son John Henley Stone was a lay Methodist minister.    

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Chapel on the Grounds of the Warren Stone Plantation and Cemetery that belonged to him.

 It is very hard to appreciate the size of the cemetery by any of these
photos. Some of these gravestones are so massive that the wealth of this
family is quite obvious but the stones for Warren & Martha are quite modest. 

The underlined names have links to the photo for that particular person.

Stone, Charles R(ush) Jun 20, 1836   Dec 30, 1837 Son of A(bsalum) B(enjamin) & E(lizabeth Walton) Stone (their 5th child)
Stone, Elizabeth Walton May 27, 1812 Mar 11, 1844 Wife of A(bsalum) B(enjamin) Stone, Daughter of Timothy & Sarah Walton, Was born in GA and died at her residence in Montgomery Co., AL; She was the mother of 9 children, eight of whom survive her. Her husband and children mourn the loss of one who as a wife and mother was unsurpassed.
Stone, Margaret J. Norman Oct 06, 1829 Sep 19, 1853 (3rd) Wife of W(arren) T(homas) Stone, Daughter of Job & Elizabeth Norman
Stone, Sarah E. Norman Mar 11, 1824 Jan 15, 1849 (2nd) Wife of Warren T(homas) Stone, Daughter of Job & Elizabeth Norman
Meriwether, Kisiah Stone Nov 24, 1797 Jun 28, 1854 Wife of Stephen Meriwether, Daughter of W(arren) & M(artha) Stone, Aged 56 years, 7 months, 4 days
Unknown child     near the grave of Kisiah Stone Meriwether
Meriwether, T(homas) B(rittin) C. Caple Nov 29, 1837 Mar 11, 1859 Son of Stephen & Kisiah (Stone) Meriwether
Harris, (Mary Elizabeth) Stone Sep 07, 1825 May 04, 1883 Wife of John G(riffin) Harris, daughter of B(arton) W(arren) & Caroline (Sophia Whetstone) Stone (stone is broken and her given names are not there)
Harris, Barton D(awson) Mar 24, 1846 Nov 01, 1871 (son of John Griffin & Mary Elizabeth Stone Harris, twin of Robert Motley Harris)
Harris, Robert Motley Mar 24, 1846 May 24, 1910 (son of John Griffin & Mary Elizabeth Stone Harris, twin of Barton Dawson Harris. This is a "stone" that we dug up and reset.  It was upside down and under at least 18" of dirt.)
Harris, Callie No Date No Date Age 5 years, 6 months, 'Sisters once thy pains are ended' (same stone as Jane Harris, she was Caroline Elizabeth Harris, born May 16, 1848, died 1853, daughter of John Griffin & Mary Elizabeth Stone Harris)
Harris, Jane No Date No Date Age 4 days, 'Sisters once thy pains are ended'(same stone as Callie Harris, she was Sarah Jane Harris, born Jan 8, 1855, died Jan 12, 1855, daughter of John Griffin & Mary Elizabeth Stone Harris)
Harris, John G. No Date Dec 03, 1884 Father, Aged 59 years, 7 months (born about May, 1825)
**Harris, Florence Glenna Mar 29, 1837 Jun 9, 1862 Daughter of W(illiam) A(ugustus) & Allie (Almedea Sidney Farley) Harris (granddaughter of John Griffin & Mary Elizabeth Stone Harris)
Holland, Eugene Edwin Jul 15, 1859 Oct 12, 1863 Stone of (Dr.) J(ohn) S. & M(ary) L. (Stone) Holland (grandson of Warren Thomas and Susan D. Graves Stone)
Sherrill, Barton H. May 25, 1821 Nov 18, 1851 Aged 30 years, 5 months, 24 days (Barton Henley Sherrill, his first wife was Ann Mock, second wife was Adaline P. Sinclair; he was the son of Samuel Wilson & Catherine Jackson Stone Sherrill - she was the third child of Warren and Martha Stone; )
Hamilton, William Eugene Oct 31, 1848 Jul 10, 1849 Son of William & Louisa A. Hamilton, Aged 1 year, 8 months & 9 days (grandson of Samuel Wilson and Catherine Jackson Stone Sherrill, great grandson of Warren and Martha Stone)
Stone, Susan D. Jul 06, 1818  Nov 22, 1845 (1st) Wife of W(arren) T(homas) Stone, Daughter of Charles & Mary Graves, Born in Alabama, Died in her residence in Lowndes Co., AL
Stone, Barton, Jr.
2nd view of this stone)
Aug 01, 1850 May 25, 1877 Son of Barton W(arren) & Caroline (Sophia Whetstone) Stone
Stone, Infant No Date No Date Daughter of B(arton) W(arren) and Caroline S(ophia Whetsonte) Stone
Stone, Caroline S(ophia) Whetstone Apr 02, 1823 Sep 03, 1864 (2nd) Wife of B(arton) W(arren) Stone, Married Nov. 30, 1845 (daughter of Rev. Henry & Elizabeth Houser Whetstone)
Stone, Barton W(arren) Mar 24, 1800 Jan 14, 1884 (son of Warren and Martha Stone)
Stone, Caroline Walton Sep 18, 1811 Oct 09, 1841 (1st) Wife of Barton W(arren) Stone, Daughter of Timothy & Sarah Walton, Born in Georgia, Died at home in Montgomery County, Aged 30 years, 21 days, Mother of 8, 6 survive her (This stone is broken up but evidently at one time it sat on a marble form flat over the grave.)
Stone, George B.

 gstonereceipt.jpg (123286 bytes)   gbstonereceipt2.jpg (70635 bytes)   gbstonereceipt3.jpg (67973 bytes)

(click on each of the above to enlarge the receipts for the care of George's remains and the purchase of his stone)

Mar 29, 1837 Jun 9, 1862 Son of Barton W(arren) & Caroline (Walton) Stone (killed at 7 Pines, VA, during the Civil War; see a transcription of the receipt for this monument; George Barton Stone is actually buried here.  I have attached to this e-mail copies of receipts that I found in his estate papers.  The Battle of Seven Pines (just east of Richmond, VA) was fought on May
31-June 1, 1862 and he was wounded but did not die till June 9th.  On this date a Mr. Satterwhite purchased for Barton Warren Stone a walnut coffin which he had lined with zinc and also purchased a box of packing (?).  One receipt is to Mr. Satterwhite from C. D. Yale & Co. located in Richmond for lining the coffin with zinc.  The other receipt for payment is for B.W. Stone from Satterwhite.  By lining a coffin with zinc they would be able to ship a body back home.  They would not have used the zinc if they were going to bury him in Virginia.  )
Lewis, James Edward Dec 07, 1863 May 24, 1864 Son of J(ames) M. & Eliza (A. Stone) Lewis (grandson of Barton Warren & Caroline Walton Stone)
Lewis, Shannon May 14, 1865 Sep 10, 1865 Second son of J(ames) M. & Eliza (A. Stone) Lewis (grandson of Barton Warren & Caroline Walton Stone)
Stone, Little Henry Mar 28, 1875 Mar 08, 1876 Son of (Dr.) H(enry) L(ewis) & W(illa) E(liza Frazier) Stone (grandson of Barton Warren & Caroline Sophia Whetstone Stone)
Harris, Caroline L. Stone Oct 22, 1838 Sep 17, 1858 Caroline L. Stone, daughter of Barton W(arren) & Caroline (Whetstone) Stone, Born in Montgomery Co., AL., married Joseph H. Harris on Feb. 10, 1857, Died at the residence of her father-in-law, Mr. E. S. Harris, La Grange, GA
Stone, Martha Apr 16, 1772 Oct 08, 1834 Consort of Warren Stone (daughter of Absalom Bedell & Ruth Jackson Bedell)
Stone, Warren Jul 22, 1766 Oct 28, 1849 Revolutionary War Patriot (DAR)
Unmarked grave     (may be the grave of Martha Glynn Stone Hamilton, but have no hard evidence to prove this; she was born about 1815 in GA and died May 17, 1893)
Hamilton, John M. Oct 26, 1809 Sep 01, 1852 (husband of Martha Glynn Stone, the daughter of Warren & Martha Stone, from Coosa Co. where he died; he was apparently not trusted by his father-in-law, Warren Stone, as Warren went to great lengths in his will to protect Marth's inheritance from John.)
Hester, William G., Col.
Other side of marker
2nd marker, flat stone that covered the grave)
May 12, 1791 Dec 09, 1832 Born in VA, He was a resident for some years in Alabama where he commanded the respect and shared the confidence of his countrymen.  Possessing vital Piety, he was ornament to the church and as in life the Christian, so in death he showed the triumph of Religion. (1st husband of Elizabeth Ann Stone, daughter of Warren & Martha Stone; she married 2nd Thomas Pettus Frith and is buried in the Davis Cemetery, Autauga Co., AL)
Meriwether, W. H., G. W. and Infant Child no dates   Children of Stephen & Kisiah M. Meriwether (William H. Meriwether, b. Oct 27, 1820, d. Dec 8, 1820; George W. Meriwether, b. Dec 21, 1830, d. Mar 20, 1831)
Stone, Lula Leola Sep 25, 1860 Mar 31, 1864 Daughter of W(arren) T(homas) & C(ornelia) V. (Meriwether) Stone
Stone, James A. Sep 25, 1830 Aug 13, 1835 Son of B(arton) W(arren) & Caroline (Walton) Stone, Aged 4 years, 10 months, 18 days (same stone with Martha L. Stone)
Stone, Martha L. Sep 09, 1833   Jun 19, 1835 Daughter of B(arton) W(arren) & Caroline (Walton) Stone, Age 1 year, 10 months, 10 days (same stone with James A. Stone)
Russell, Louisa M.  May 31, 1805 Aug 08, 1835 Born in GA, Died at her residence in Lowndes Co., AL, Wife of  Robert Russell (7th child of Warren and Martha Stone)


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